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Learn how to sell, deliver and process global trade finance solutions with our advanced, professional certificate.

Why take this certificate:

Internationally recognised qualification:
The CTFP is an ICC, industry-leading trade finance qualification, accredited by the London Institute of Banking and Finance as well as the Institute of Banking and Finance Singapore.

Expand your career options:
Qualify yourself for senior trade finance positions at leading banks and financial institutions where the CTFP is often a pre-requisite for the job

Save USD $500!
The CTFP programme includes 9 online courses and a final exam, with topics including guarantees, supply chain finance, digital trade finance and more. Purchased separately, the courses and exam would cost a total of USD $2000. So our price of USD $1499 saves you $500.

Be more confident with clients:
100% of CTFP graduates said they felt more confident at work after completing the course. Use your new expertise to educate your colleagues and propose solutions to your clients

50+ hours of online learning:
The CTFP includes more than 50 hours of online learning over 9 courses, more than 35 lessons, 16 case studies and the final exam – all taken online. You will get access to the courses for 12 months and can repeat them as much as you like in that period.

24/7 access:
All our courses are 100% online meaning they can be taken at any time of day, from anywhere in the world. Learn at your own pace

These Companies Use CTFP To Train Their Staff

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The Certified Trade Finance Professional (CTFP) is our advanced, professional trade finance qualification that will give students an in-depth knowledge of the various trade finance products. Unlike other trade finance qualifications, the CTFP does not just focus on one trade finance product or solution, such as documentary credits or guarantees.

The industry-validated syllabus was developed by a group of 13 leading trade finance experts drawn from ICC’s Banking Commission. To take the final exam and earn the CTFP qualification you must complete 9 online courses from the CTFP curriculum.

The curriculum is split between 5 core courses, that everyone must complete, and 6 elective courses of which you must choose 4 (5 core courses + 4 elective course = 9 courses in total). You will be able to select your elective courses once you have purchased the CTFP and logged in to your account. You can see the full list of courses below.

Once you pass, the CTFP certificate is valid for three years. Details about recertification can be found here.


“The CTFP course has boosted my career prospects. Apart from earning a promotion late last year, I now possess the knowledge and expertise required to function effectively in all the key aspects of the trade finance business (operations, product development and sales). This has renewed opportunities for progression in my career. All these would not be possible without my exposure to the CTFP course.”

Muyiwa Esan
Access Bank, Nigeria

“I have noticed that the head hunter and people active in trade finance sector are more interested in my profile and I hope it can help me to grow up with a promotion or with a new role.”

Andrea Pagamici
BNP Paribas, Italy

“The core topics covered in CTFP were very relevant to my job scope in Transaction Banking sales and allowed me to be more confident when discussing these topics.”

Benny Lim
MUFG, Singapore

“Having completed the CTFP programme, I can now easily negotiate/facilitate any sorts of transactions clients propose.”

Mohammad Nasir
Southeast Bank, Bangladesh

“Banks’ involvement in International trade is quite different in the Pacific (Fiji) compared to my past experience in Sri Lanka. Introducing trade products to the bank staff as well as the customers continue to be a challenge. I needed to place my exposure in various areas of trade operations in context in a structured manner to be able to share knowledge. This course has provided that platform for me.”

Gayani Senewiratne
HFC Bank, Fiji

“When you talk to people, and people see your credentials when you go out for conversations, the CTFP from the ICC certainly helps. They recognise that you know your stuff and understand trade finance. The ICC brings with it its own brand which is very easily recognised.”

Nirupa Gupta
AXA, Singapore

Certificate Structure

Total Courses



50+ Hours



Case Studies



60 min



WHO is THIS Certificate FOR?

  1. Banks (Front Office)
  • Confidently explain the importance of trade finance solutions and the structures that govern them – including bank guarantees, supply chain finance, standby letters of credit and more
  • Understand the critical role of the trade finance sales person within the banking organization and how it is defined by the institution’s strategy and sales approach with our advanced trade finance certification
  • Get to grips with the fintech ecosystem and develop an enhanced awareness of the potential impact of new technologies such as blockchain and alternative finance providers
  • Develop a balanced view of the effectiveness, scope, and scalability of current supply chain finance products and how to identify the right solution for your clients


Daniel Cotti

Founder & Managing Director of Cotti Trade & Treasury and Chairman of the Board for Bolero International

Buddy Baker

Vice President, Goldman Sachs

Andrea Hauptmann

Senior Director, Head of Guarantees Department, Raiffeisen Bank International

Henri d'Ambrieres

Advisory Services – Export, Trade and Project Finance, HDA CONSEIL

John Bujega

Managing Director, Trade Advisory Network

Lionel Taylor

Managing Director, Trade Advisory Network

Alexander R. Malaket

President, OPUS Advisory Services International Inc

Anand Pande

Founder GPP, ex Global Head of Trade RBS, ex Managing Director Transaction Banking Citi

Michael McKenzie

COO & EVP, ansrsource. Ex Managing Director JP Morgan

Kim Fui Liew

Senior Vice-President, Global Transaction Services, DBS Bank


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