Certificate in Digital Trade Strategy (COMING SOON)

Gain a complete, end-to-end picture of what is needed to digitise your trade and supply chain processes. Make well informed business decisions and create coherent government policies to enable digital trade.

5 video lessons. 100% online

Taught by a panel of ICC verified experts

Includes 60-minute final exam and ICC certificate

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Identify the right strategy to accelerate your digitisation roadmap

Digitizing your trade and supply chains is an ecosystem activity. Unless you have a holistic understanding of how this ecosystem works and the way trade processes are organized end-to-end, you will find it difficult to collaborate with others and identify the right strategy to accelerate your path towards trade digitisation. This Certificate will teach you the foundational building blocks needed to digitise your trade and supply chain processes.

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Adopt a standards-based approach to digital transformation

There may be many ‘digital islands’ within your supply chain, where participants choose different solutions and technologies to suit their specific use case. This type of fragmented approach to digitisation hinders integration and limits the return on investment in digital transformation. Our Certificate will help you understand and articulate the benefits of a common, standards-based approach, that makes integration far easier and minimises cost and complexity.

Remove manual inefficiencies and boost profitability with rich, real-time data

Replacing paper trails with real-time data will give you the ability to make trade faster, cheaper and more secure, while reducing environmental impact. Improved transparency and visibility in global supply chains will provide access to new forms of metadata, enabling businesses and governments to create fresh commercial opportunities, new business models and innovative approaches to inclusive growth. Ultimately, this certificate will help you make more informed business decisions, faster.

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