Certificate in Digital Trade Strategy (CDTS)

Jointly developed with ICC DSI, this new certification will give you an end-to-end understanding of what is needed to digitise your trade and supply chain processes. Taught by 20+ industry champions, legal experts, innovators & public policy officials.


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Professional Certificates

BestSeller logistics professionals
Export/Import Certificate (EIC)
4.2 (803)

Learn how to conduct international trade with ease and expertise so you can compete successfully in foreign markets. Get access to five international business courses and a final exam.


BestSeller New
Incoterms® 2020 Certificate
4.1 (329)

The world’s only ICC-endorsed online training on the Incoterms® 2020 rules. Available in English & Spanish. One of our bestselling international business courses.



BestSeller New
Incoterms® 2020 Certificate Bundle (INCO)
4.1 (329)

Develop a comprehensive understanding of the ICC’s premier international trading tool and also receive the ICC’s Incoterms® 2020 Digital Publication (English only).


E-Invoicing Solutions Certificate (ESC)

Achieve your business’ full potential and reach new customers by bringing your payments online. This is one of our latest international business courses.


Microfinance Associate Certificate (MAC)

Get your business ready to join or access the microfinance industry with our practical, online certificate.



Free Trade Agreement Certificate (FTAC)

Get a clear understanding of free trade agreements so you can access new markets, reduce costs and source suppliers at more competitive rates.


IMB NVOCC Bill of Lading Certificate (NBL)

Streamline your logistics process with a solid understanding of one of the most important documents in global trade.


Companies That Use ICC Academy's Certificates & Courses

Singapore Management University

Professional Courses

International Trade Overview

Get an introduction to the international trade landscape and the core practices, procedures and documents required in any international merchandise transaction including the ICC Incoterms® Rules.


Business Transactions and Contracts

This course will look at the differences between the world’s various legal systems and help you strategically manage legal and contractual risks and avoid time consuming and expensive international disputes.


Financing and Security Devices

This course will give you a broad overview of the instruments used in an international transaction, including the widely used Documentary Credit (also known as “letter of credit”) and the international rules that govern it.


International Logistics and Sourcing

A clear understanding of each of the primary modes of international transport and their commercial practices is crucial to better appreciate the complexities of global trade.


Global Business Management

Learn how to successfully adapt a strategy to enter foreign markets and how businesses fail due to miscommunication arising from cultural differences.


What Students Say About ICC Academy's Certificates & Courses

“The ICC EIC course is truly universal, and its content is applicable to any business worldwide”

Abdurahman Alotaibi
Saudi Export Development Authority

“The EIC course is one of the best educational and informative courses – it is giving me numerous opportunities to advance my career”

Mahamoudou Cisse
University Student, Mali

EIC student flag

“The ICC EIC course was really fruitful. I have recommended to many of my peers at work as it helped me understand my job better and also gave me a greater view on Import and Export as a whole.”

Julian Poonen
DB Schenker

“I got extra bonus for my work, which is quite uncommon among the graduate trainees. The EIC course gave me an option to move to another field, and it is in keeping with the times, which many courses on campus can’t do. It’s very practical.”

Shuochen He

Free Resources

Supply Chain Finance: An Introductory Guide

In this introductory guide you’ll learn

  • Why SCF has grown in popularity over the last decade
  • The difference between traditional trade finance and SCF
  • Case studies from real businesses that use SCF
  • Short, simple summaries of the main SCF solutions and techniques
  • Graphics and diagrams to help you better grasp the concepts discussed

ICC Livecast: The Microfinance Revolution

On this episode, we explore the thriving microfinance ecosystem.  How are developing economies reaping the benefits and how is technology acting as a catalyst for change?

Our special guest is Sangeet Growar – Director of Tomorrow’s Knowledge – the education department of Satin Creditcare Network (the world’s second largest MF provider).


ICC Livecast: The SME Digital Marketplace

On this episode, we explore how small businesses can benefit from adopting digital capabilities to enter today’s online marketplace.  How do you motivate yourself to take the leap and prioritise your transformation activities?

Our special guest is Gerald Sun – Vice President of Government Engagement at Mastercard APAC.


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