Factoring - eCourse

Learn the fundamentals of factoring, including its types and applications, its operational aspects and how to effectively sell this supply chain finance product.

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By the end of this online factoring course you will be able to:

Define the concept of factoring and illustrate how it works with practical applications

Define and differentiate the various types of factoring, including reverse factoring

Describe the onboarding and funding process of reverse factoring

Practice the additional controls for non-notification factoring

Sell factoring more effectively through need based selling, objection handling and probing questions

Explain how international factoring helps exporters remain competitive

Explain the roles of the various parties involved in international factoring

Demonstrate the benefits of reverse factoring to the anchor buyer and the supplier

Explain unfactorable debt and its risk mitigation

Illustrate the types of limits in factoring and the importance of setting limits


Access period

12 months


5 hours


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Who should take this factoring course?

This online factoring course is designed for general practitioners working in banks, financial institutions, or fintechs with an interest in trade finance, factoring & reverse factoring, and/or working in functions such as receivable management, credit management/approval, risk management, relationship management, operations etc.

Case studies

Learning is easier with practical examples and we've included nine case studies throughout the factoring course

Assessment questions

We've included 20 self-assessment questions so you can test what you have learned. Please note this is not a formal exam.


Kheng Leong Lee

Kheng Leong Lee

Asia Pacific Representative, HPD Lendscape and former Asia Chapter Director for Factors Chain International

Kheng Leong Lee acquired his factoring knowledge through training in the US and UK in 1975. Upon his return to Singapore, he set up DBS factor, which was absorbed by the DBS Bank and in 2001 Mr Lee became the Head of DBS Regional Factoring. He was involved in providing factoring services to a range of companies, from MSMEs to large corporates.

In 2012, Mr Lee became the Managing Director of Bibby Financial Services, Singapore, a subsidiary of Bibby Financial, UK, the world’s largest independent factoring group. In 2015 he became the Asia Chapter Director of FCI and travelled widely in Asia to promote international factoring as well as to conduct training on factoring in the emerging markets. He is currently the Asia Pacific Representative of HPD Lendscape, the world’s leading digital Factoring, SCF and asset-based lending platform provider.

Factoring - eCourse

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  • 12-months access to all 8 lessons. Repeat them as many times as you want.
  • 5 hours of interactive learning
  • Nine case studies and 20 assessment questions to test your knowledge
  • Downloadable Letter of Completion
  • 100% online - learn at your own pace


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