Certified Trade Finance Professional (CTFP) for GTC, CDCS, CSDG and CITF holders 

Use your existing qualifications to fast-track your CTFP certification at a discounted rate.

  • US$749

  • For GTC, CDCS, CSDG & CITF holders

  • 60 minute exam

  • Downloadable ICC certificate

  • 100% online

  • 12 months access


Why take the ctfp?

Fast-track your CTFP certification

We've made it easier and cheaper for holders of the ICC's GTC or LIBF's CDCS, CDSG or CITF certifications to achieve the full CTFP certification. Simply complete a core pack of CTFP courses at a discounted rate and pass the final exam to earn the CTFP certificate.

Why take the ctfp?

Develop a well-rounded trade finance skillset

Unlike other trade finance certifications, the CTFP has a broad curriculum that will help you develop a wider range of expertise. Go beyond documentary credits to give yourself more freedom to move between different roles and departments during your career.

Core CTFP curriculum v3

Core Courses

You must complete all 5 core courses.


Core CTFP curriculum v2

Why take the ctfp?

Earn automatic credibility with clients

Earn automatic credibility with clients and colleagues with a credential from the ICC, the organisation that produces the rules and guidelines for the trade finance industry. The CTFP is an advanced, internationally accredited qualification that will help clients and colleagues see you on a different level. Trusted by alumni in more than 50 countries.

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Houssam Hoteit

Houssam Hoteit
Royal Bank of Canada

"I see the CTFP as a perfect way for any trade finance person to have a certification that highlights your expertise and automatically puts you at a certain level that is respected in the industry.”

trade finance

Ling Fong Tay
SEB, Singapore

“I enrolled in the CTFP because this certification is authored by leading trade finance experts from the ICC’s Banking Commission, making it one of the most credible programmes available in the market. 


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inside this trade finance certification

Why take the ctfp?

Develop deep, practical expertise

The courses in the CTFP include case studies, assessment questions and downloadable study guides. All of these are designed to give you the deep, practical knowledge needed to feel comfortable and confident during discussions and negotiations with clients.


The CTFP courses are authored by 10 leading experts from the ICC Banking Commission.


Andrea Hauptmann

Senior Director, Head of Guarantees Department, Raiffeisen Bank International

Andrea Hauptmann Joined Raiffeisen Bank International (former RZB) in September 1984 after a short postgraduate study in Cambridge, UK, working in the documentary department on import/export LCs and since 1988 on bank guarantees. She then took over responsibility of the guarantee business in 1991 and was appointed Director in 1997 and Senior Director in 2000. She is a member of ICC Austria and a delegate to the ICC Banking Commission since 1997. She has been the elected Chair of the ICC Guarantee Task Force since March 2012  and was appointed as member of the Executive Committee of the ICC Banking Commission in October 2013.


Daniel Cotti

Chairman of the Board, Bolero International and Founder of Cotti Trade

Daniel has 30+ years’ experience in the trade finance industry and has spent most of his career in leading roles with end-to-end management and P&L responsibility of global businesses of considerable size working for Citibank, ABN AMRO, RBS and JPMorgan. He has achieved significant growth and transformation results with all the institutions that he has worked for and was also proactively engaged with the major relevant industry associations (ICC, SWIFT, BAFT) to drive the trade finance Industry agenda forward (founding member and Head of the Advisory Board of the Banking Commission of the ICC, founding member and Head of the Global Trade Industry Council of BAFT, founding member of the Trade Services Advisory Group of SWIFT).


Alexander Malaket

President, Opus Advisory Services International Inc

Alexander Malaket is a recognized specialist in international trade and trade finance, with over 25 years of professional experience in Canada and internationally. He is Deputy Head of the Executive Committee of the ICC Banking Commission (Paris), a member of the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors, World Trade Centre (Winnipeg) and a member of the Board of the Forum for International Trade Training (Ottawa). Alexander is a member of the B20 Task Forces for 2015, the International Affairs Committee of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, and a “Nominated Expert” in trade finance at the UN/CEFACT, as well as a member of the ICTSD/World Economic Forum E15 Initiative. Author of “Financing Trade and International Supply Chains” published by Gower, UK in 2014, Mr. Malaket is a frequent speaker, panel chair and participant at leading industry events around the world.


Henri D'Ambrieres

Advisory Services - Export, Trade and Project Finance, HDA Conseil

Mr D'Ambrieres has held several positions in Project & Export Finance or in Corporate Finance. He was appointed Global Head of Export and Multilateral Finance in 2002 at Crédit Lyonnais. He was Global Head of Export Finance of Calyon then Credit Agricole CIB from 2004 to 2012. He also managed the commercial activities in Trade Finance from 2008 to 2012. He chaired the Export Credit Group of the European Banking Federation from 2008 to 2013. Since 2013 with HDA Conseil, he has advised companies, banks, ECAs or the OECD in Structured Finance and in the financing of international development. He is also Technical Advisor for the Trade Register of the ICC.


John Bugeja

Managing Director, Trade Advisory Network

John Bugeja is a highly-experienced trade, supply chain and invoice finance specialist with 40+ years of professional experience in senior leadership roles with HSBC, NatWest, RBS, Barclays and Lloyds Banking Group. Now Managing Director of Trade Advisory Network Ltd, an advisory and training solution provider delivering product development, operating model design and implementation, and training solutions to banks, non-bank finance providers, FinTechs, corporates and technology service providers. He has held roles including Head of Training and Management Development, Global Head of Trade Services, Head of Sales and Head of Open Account Products. John was a member of the drafting group that wrote the ICC rules for the Bank Payment Obligation (URBPO) and is currently a member of the BPO Commercialisation Group. 


Lionel Taylor

Managing Director, Trade Advisory Network

Lionel Taylor is a trade, supply chain and invoice finance business leader having over 30+ years’ experience at senior management and director level with major financial institutions including RBS, Rabobank, Citibank and Lloyds Banking Group and with nonbank independents. Now Managing Director of Trade Advisory Network Limited, which specialises in the strategic development of global supply chain, trade and invoice finance with a client base of regional banks independent finance providers, fintechs and technology providers. Lionel also has extensive factoring and international experience with a specific understanding of Asia and China, having opened, managed and successfully developed business and operations in that region. 

Why take the ctfp?

Global alumni network

The power of the ICC brand means that the CTFP is a globally recognised qualification. Join CTFP alumni from more than 50 countries around the world, on every continent. Our alumni database will show you other CTFP graduates in your region who you can connect with via LinkedIn.

alumni of ICC's trade finance certification


Ha Nguyen Thi Thanh

Hussain Al Halwachi

Md. Tarequl Islam

Saikrishna Reddy Challa

Sarah Martens

Dipak Wani

Shunarochand Singh Waikhom

Oluwaseun Lijoka

Swati Panji

Flora Mansour


Shokhrukhbek Avulchaev

Ronald Lumbuye Kizito

Arjun Jayakumar

Probal Kumar Sarkar


Abdulrahman Alshareef

Saud Al-Mendeel


Khaled Al-Subhi


Kuldip Sarvaiya


Chinenye Atanda

Tomoko Ito

Xiaowei Lin


Rakan Al-Tayyash

Waleed Alderbas

Mohammed Al-Hazza

Learn from home concept

Why take the ctfp?

Earn an ICC qualification without leaving home

The CTFP is 100% online, including the exam so you can fit learning in around a busy schedule. No classroom sessions to attend. No travel required. Study anytime, anywhere.



  • Special core CTFP package for GTC, CDCS, CSDG & CITF holders
  • 12-months access to 5 core courses from CTFP curriculum
  • 60-minute final exam (online)
  • 25+ hours of total learning = $30 per hour of learning
  • 16 case studies and downloadable study guides
  • Online and interactive - learn at your own pace


Tailored pricing
  • All features of individual purchases, plus...
  • Dedicated service manager
  • Customised, integrated programme
  • Personalised dashboard for tracking student progress
  • Post-programme review


Jahanzeb Khalid CTFP

Jahanzeb Khalid
Mashreq Bank, UAE

“Passing the CTFP was a big factor in helping me secure a new job. It’s focus on the full range of trade finance techniques was very important and has given me a much more well-rounded understanding of the options we can offer our clients."

Nirupa Gupta CTFP

Nirupa Gupta
AXA, Singapore

“When people see your credentials, the CTFP from the ICC certainly helps. They recognise that you know your stuff and understand trade finance. The ICC brings with it its own brand which is very easily recognised.”


Muyiwa Esan
Access Bank, Nigeria

"The CTFP course has boosted my career prospects. Apart from earning a promotion late last year, I now possess the knowledge and expertise required to function effectively in all the key aspects of the trade finance business (operations, product development and sales)."


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