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Which ICC Academy programmes are eligible?

Eligibility criteria

  • Funding is only available for eligible training programmes commencing 1 January 2023 and later
  • Trainee must have met at least 75% of attendance
  • Successfully completed FTS recognised programme​
  • Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents, physically based in Singapore
  • Only company-sponsored individuals. Companies must be Singapore-based financial institutions regulated by MAS (licensed or exempt by MAS), or FinTech firms certified by the Singapore FinTech Association (SFA).
  • Company must be able to provide the following details for all participants:
    • Name as stated in NRIC
    • NRIC No
    • Nationality (Singapore Citizen or PR)
    • Sponsoring Company Name
    • Sponsoring Company UEN
    • Sponsoring Company Email Address
    • Sponsoring Company Contact No

If you meet the criteria then you could be eligible for our nett payment scheme.

Nett Payment Scheme for 70% funding

Only eligible for Singapore citizens aged 40 and above

Nett Payment Scheme for 30% funding

Only eligible for Singapore citizens aged 40 and below and ALL permanent residents of Singapore

Terms and conditions

  1. Sponsored participants need to complete the minimum number of courses in each certificate and pass the examination within the 1 year access to the programme.
  2. If a participant fails to complete the program or fails the examination including any retakes, the sponsoring company agrees to pay back the disbursed course fee subsidy to ICC Academy within 1 month from the completion date of the certificate. Late payments of this fee will incur a charge of 4% per annum. The certificate fee is outlined in table below for each failed participant.
  3. Should a sponsored participant leave the sponsoring company before completion of the programme, the sponsoring company agrees to pay for the full fee of the certification within 1 month from the notice given.
  4. The sponsoring company agrees to provide the correct details of each and every sponsored participant including name and identity card number. Failure to provide any of these details will disqualify the sponsoring company from the Nett payment option.
  5. The sponsoring company agrees to ensure that all sponsored participants will start their programme within 1st month of gaining access to the certificate programmes.
  6. Funding support for the same course will be granted only once per calendar year per participant