Advanced Standby Letters of Credit - eCourse

An in-depth look at how standby letters of credit work, the purposes for which they can be used and the rules and regulations governing them

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By the end of this eCourse you will be able to:

Understand the differences between UCP 600, ISP98 and URDG 758 and when to use each.

Recognise how regulations that are specific to one country impact how banks work with banks in other countries.

Discuss the key differences between confirmation of a SBLC and using a SBLC as a counter-guarantee

Describe the potential pitfalls for issuers of SBLCs and recommend approaches that can identify and reduce risks.

Describe ways in which regulations govern what banks must do, may do, and must not do when they issue and pay a standby letter of credit (SBLC)

Explain the key elements that need to be included in every SBLC and those that should be rejected.

Explain how the ISP98 model forms for confirmed LCs differ from how traditional LC confirmations are structured.


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12 months


5 hours


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Case studies

Learning is easier with practical examples and we've included a whole lesson dedicated to 10 case studies

Assessment questions

We've included 40 self-assessment questions so you can test what you have learned.



Buddy Baker

Vice President, Goldman Sachs

Mr Baker has more than 30 years of experience working with companies to finance and insure their trade receivables. He owns the consulting firm Global Trade Risk Management Strategies, which specializes in both online and on-site educational training, and designed the online training/certification programs used by the Association of International Credit and Trade Finance Professionals (ICTF), the Association of Trade and Forfaiting in the Americas (ATFA) and the Finance, Credit and International Business Group (FCIB) of the National Association of Credit Management (NACM). Mr. Baker has authored numerous magazine articles and the books Users’ Handbook to Documentary Credits under UCP600 (ICC publication no. 694), Documentary Payments & Short-Term Trade Finance, and The Regulatory Environment of Letters of Credit and Trade Finance.

Advanced Standby Letters of Credit - eCourse

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  • 10 case studies and 40 assessment questions to test your knowledge
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