Singapore Management University

Singapore Management University (SMU) and ICC Academy collaborated in Nov 2016 to offer online training courses on trade finance and export/import to SMU students. The courses were offered by SMU’s International Trading Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) in Commodities and Non-Commodities curriculum using ICC Academy’s e-learning platform “Learning Management System”.

The 2 online certification programmes – the Global Trade Certificate (GTC) and Export/Import Certification (EIC) has been integrated in the SMU International Training syllabus (Commodities and Non-Commodities programme).

Candidates who complete these certifications are awarded with a Specialist Diploma in International Trading (SDIT). The programme has successfully benefited 68 students. With this success, SMU is looking forward to this alliance in coming years.

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Asian Development Bank

In Jan 2017, Asian Development Bank (ADB) signed a partnership agreement with ICC Academy to offer online training courses and accreditation programs on global trade and trade finance. The courses were offered by ADB’s Trade Finance Program (TFP) using ICC Academy’s e-learning platform “Learning Management System”.

The first course was made available in February 2017 and subsequent courses rolled out during the first half. The initial phase offered 2 online Certification Programs — the Global Trade Certificate (GTC) and the Certified Trade Finance Professional (CTFP). Through this capacity-building initiative, the TFP enabled its partner banks to provide better financial support to local export and import companies.

Having just wrapped up the initial phase, which incorporated ICC academy’s two trade finance certifications, the programme has successfully benefited 150 professionals from more than 80 TFP partner banks. With the success of Phase I, ADB is looking forward to work in collaboration with the academy to roll out Phase II in 2018.

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China Council for the Promotion of International Trade

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) Commercial sub-Council has partnered with ICC Academy to offer Export/Import Certification (EIC) to 21 universities in China. The certification programme is being considered for integration in the international trade curriculum and will be offered to students using ICC Academy’s e-learning platform “Learning Management System”. The partnership agreement has been signed in July 2017.

In the initial phase, before incorporating the certification programme in the universities curriculum, 60 academic staff in 21 universities enrolled in the certification program to acquaint themselves with the course structure and content. Moving on to the next phase, the academic staff are now ready to offer their expertise and experience to students in International Trade.

CCPIT Commercial sub-Council and ICC Academy expect this collaboration to strengthen with an increase in the number of universities participating in this program next year onwards.

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