Our Online Examination

These final examinations are “live” proctored over an internet connection. Unlike traditional methods of assessment, members can complete their assessment from the comfort of their computer while ensuring the integrity of the ICC Academy programs. Upon passing the final examination, learners will be issued an accredited ICC Academy Certificate for the respective programme.

What is an online exam?

The ICC Academy examinations are live proctored over an internet connection.  When the test begins, the live proctor (individual supervising the test) will allow test-takers to complete their assessment from their computer while still ensuring the integrity of the exam for the institution.

Our innovative platform allows a proctor to monitor test-takers in an easy, three-step process:

1. Monitor the test-taker via webcam

2. Secure the computer monitor in real time

3. Authenticate the test-taker’s identity and testing environment.


When can I take my exam?

Once you have completed the prerequisites for final examination, you will be prompted to log into the ICC Academy Examination portal directly from your ICC Academy account. You simply select the date and time you wish to take the online examination – and that’s it!

The pass rate for the final examination is set at 70%.

What do I need?

  • need_icon_03PC Users: A computer running Windows Vista or higher with 1024 MB of RAM or higher. You will need full permission to run pop-ups etc if using a company machine.
  • need_icon_06Mac Users: A computer running Mac OS X or higher.
  • need_icon_08A Web cam with 640×480 video pixel resolution (Webcams built into laptops or monitors are acceptable).
  • need_icon_10A set or properly functioning headphones or speakers connected to the computer.
  • need_icon_12A working microphone connected to the computer (your Webcam or laptop may already have one built into it).
  • need_icon_14A reliable high speed internet connection without institutional grade firewalls (Home-based environment is strongly encouraged). Minimum Internet connection speed of 768 Kbps/384 Kbps Download/Upload.Wired Internet connection is preferred to Wi-Fi connection. Port 1935 should be open. You can test your connection by visiting: https://www.proctoru.com/testitout/  
  • need_icon_16The Google Chrome browser is required and you must download a Google Chrome plugin to take the exam.
  • Please note this is a closed book exam with no outside resources allowed


What happens if my ICC Academy account expired but I want to renew for another 12 months?

To reactivate your account and maintain existing learning records, we advise you to renew your account within six months from your account expiry date.

Kindly see the three renewal options below and contact our Help Desk:

1. I have passed my exam already – You will need to purchase an item in our catalogue (min US$150)

2. I have not yet passed my exam – You will need to purchase an item in our catalogue (min US$150) + pay a one-time late completion fee (US$200)

3. I have failed my final exam – You will need to purchase an item in our catalogue (min US$150) + a retake exam fee (US$100-200 depending on the course)*

*This will give you an additional attempt at the final examination.