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Guidance you can trust

This 3-hour online course is based on the principles of the ICC Framework for Responsible Environmental Marketing Communications which grew out of the ICC Advertising and Marketing Communications Code (ICC Marketing Communications Code) - the basis for national advertising codes in 40 countries and endorsed by major global self-regulatory organisations.

By choosing to learn with the ICC, you are choosing to learn directly from the organisation that created the gold standard for responsible advertising. You will be taking a critical step in ensuring good practice and aligning you and your organisation with globally recognised high ethical and legal standards when it comes to green marketing.

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Examples of real ads

This online course focuses on practical, interactive learning using case studies of real ads asked to be withdrawn or changed by regulators to give you a clear understanding of the difference between truthful, substantiated environmental marketing communications and false misleading statements that can lead to accusations of "greenwashing".

It will give you the tools and know how to qualify specific claims like "free from," "degradable," "recyclable content", "net zero", "carbon neutral" and more.

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Video briefs from industry experts

Video briefs from industry champions, legal experts and heads of major SROs - some of who authored the ICC Marketing Code - will ensure you thoroughly understand how to craft truthful and honest marketing campaigns and navigate the complex landscape of environmental marketing communications.

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Responsible marketing checklist

This course will teach you how to identify when an environmental claim is being made and what questions you need to ask to ensure that claim is credible. To help you easily reference and recall this guidance, we've included a downloadable responsible marketing checklist that you can use as a screening tool. It includes a full list of questions to ask, with detailed responses for the majority of them.

This checklist is also available with the ICC Framework which you can download for free here. However, without taking the course you will not get the same level of practical understanding about how to apply the guidance in the checklist.

Responsible Environmental Marketing Checklist
Kristin Green

"It is imperative to get those marketing communications right – to ensure that they are truthful, not misleading, and appropriately substantiated. Getting environmental marketing right means building lasting trust with consumers."

Kristin Green
Assistant General Counsel, Marketing & Consumer, Microsoft and Chair, ICC Marketing and Advertising Commission


This 3-hour course is split into 5 modules and an additional 1 hour exam. 100% online.


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Special Advisor, ICC Marketing and Advertising Commission & Co-chair of ICC Code Revision Taskforce

Dr. Oliver Gray is an ethics solutionist. Formerly the Director General of the European Advertising Standards Alliance and the European Digital Interactive Advertising Alliance, he currently serves as the Co-Chair of the ICC’s Advertising and Marketing Code Revision Taskforce. Oliver has overseen several revisions of the ICC Marketing Communications Code and currently acts as a special advisor to the ICC Global Commission on Advertising and Marketing. With over 25 years of experience in advertising self-regulation and co-regulation, Oliver's work has covered various aspects, including issues related to children, gender, digital, AI, as well as the environment, food, and alcohol. He runs his own consultancy, Graywise srl, focusing on ethics, governance, and compliance issues, particularly in relation to marketing communications. Oliver designed this course in collaboration with the ICC, building upon an initial national video tutorial prepared by ICC Sweden.


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Why is this important for my organisation?

The 2023 Edelman Trust Barometer found that 55% of consumers are more likely to consider a product's environmental impact before purchasing and are 5x more likely to buy from brands that address climate change. However, marketing communications on environmental efforts, if not properly thought through, can often be misleading to consumers, resulting in a lack of trust in companies and their products. And trust isn't just a nice-to-have; it's a necessity for brand survival and growth.

On top of this, consumer watchdogs and regulators, including the EU with its new Green Claims Directive, are taking decisive actions to protect consumers against misleading "greenwashing" practices. The need for credible and responsible environmental marketing and communications has never been more critical.

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