Introduction to Documentary Credits

Our introductory letter of credit course will help you learn the importance of the documentary letter of credit in enabling trade and the versatility of this proven instrument in addressing a range of market conditions and client needs.

This is one of the core courses on our wider trade finance programme, the Global Trade Certificate. You can find more details of the GTC below.

USD $150

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Global Trade Certificate (GTC)
4.1 (1,887)

Want a more comprehensive programme that still includes our introductory letter of credit courses?  Enroll on our GTC programme and get access to 11 online courses, 30+ hours of content and a final exam.

USD $1099

Certified Trade Finance Professional (CTFP)
4.2 (177)

Our advanced CTFP programme is for experienced letter of credit and trade finance professionals and includes our advanced letter of credit course. Get access to 9 online courses, 50+ hours of content and our final exam (also online).

USD $1499

CTFP for GTC/CDCS Holders
4.2 (177)

Earn credit points towards re-certification with our Certified Trade Finance Professional (CTFP) curriculum – CDCS, CSDG, CITF and GTC holders are all eligible.

USD $749

Companies That Use ICC Academy's Certificates & Courses

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Letter of Credit Courses

Introduction to Trade Finance

Develop a foundational understanding of global trade and how companies settle their cross border commercial activities as well as the instruments available to mitigate risk.

USD $150

Advanced Documentary Credits

Our advanced letter of credit course covers structuring and issuance, document verification, financing and settlement. Gain a solid, practical understanding of the whole transaction lifecycle of a documentary credit.

USD $200

Introduction to Standby Letters of Credit

In this course you will gain an understanding of how the basic principles that apply to documentary credits of all kinds apply to Standbys, as well as the ways in which Standbys differ from other types of documentary credits

USD $150

Advanced Standby Letters of Credit

Take an in-depth look at how standby letters of credit work, the purposes for which they can be used and the rules and regulations governing them.

USD $200

What Students Say About ICC Academy's Letter of Credit Courses

“The course rekindled my passion for learning about the world of international trade and trade mechanisms.”

Harrison Fried
Cloudswarm, USA

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“The GTC enabled me to crystallize my knowledge and experience in trade finance with a formal certification accredited by ICC. This has helped my employer understand the focus of my career and help me with my pathway to advancement”

Sulie Vunibaka
Bank of the Cook Islands

“I am now recognised by peers to be a true trade specialist. I have a much clearer idea of what other financing techniques are available out there on the market.”

Steve Lim Ah Tock
Trade Operations Manager, Mauritius

“The CTFP course has boosted my career prospects. Apart from earning a promotion late last year, I now possess the knowledge and expertise required to function effectively in all the key aspects of the trade finance business (operations, product development and sales). This has renewed opportunities for progression in my career. All these would not be possible without my exposure to the CTFP course.”

Muyiwa Esan
Access Bank, Nigeria

“I have noticed that the head hunter and people active in trade finance sector are more interested in my profile and I hope it can help me to grow up with a promotion or with a new role.”

Andrea Pagamici
BNP Paribas, Italy

Free Resources

A Comprehensive Guide to the Different Types of Documentary Credit

Our free guide includes:

  • A detailed and thorough explanation of 9 different types, with examples and scenarios of when each might be used.
  • Process flow diagrams and graphics to help you better grasp the differences
  • A ‘Key Terminology’ section that demystifies some of the technical jargon

11 Questions That Will Help You Master Documentary Credits

From what is UCP 600 to the most common discrepancies found in documentary credits, our new post will help you gain a better understanding of one of the world’s most well-established and oldest trade finance solutions.


Supply Chain Finance: An Introductory Guide

In this introductory guide you’ll learn

  • Why SCF has grown in popularity over the last decade
  • The difference between traditional trade finance and SCF
  • Case studies from real businesses that use SCF
  • Short, simple summaries of the main SCF solutions and techniques
  • Graphics and diagrams to help you better grasp the concepts discussed

ICC Livecast: The Future of Non Bank Finance Providers

On this episode, we discuss how non-bank finance providers have evolved into what they are today, and what the future looks like for their business models, competitors, and clients.

Our special guest is Denise Ang – Managing Director of the financial technology start-up Nufin Data.



ICC Livecast: The Future of SME Finance

On this episode, we discuss what SME finance looks like in 2019 and how various trends are shaking up the industry.  We also cover the important compliance challenges that providers are already starting to face.

Our special guest is Qamar Saleem – Global Technical Lead of SME Banking Practice at the International Finance Corporation (IFC).


Documentary Credits: Rules, Guidelines & Terminology

In this guide we will help you get a clearer understanding of the rules and guidelines that govern modern documentary credits, the majority of which are issued subject to the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits, 2007 Revision, commonly known as UCP 600. Think of this as a jargon-busting reference guide.


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