This advanced level certificate provides in-depth knowledge of trade finance products. Using case studies and with an emphasis on analysis of real-world scenarios, the certificate includes an intensive online program and focuses on key trade finance products, techniques and compliance issues.

The CTFP is the gold standard in trade finance certifications and recognized internationally by financial institutions, governments and regulators. It’s the only advanced trade finance training aimed at front- and middle-office professionals from banks and corporates.

To try out the CTFP, simply login or sign up for free here. When you are logged into the system, simply click on “Training Catalogue” and select “CTFP Demo”.

The CTFP is Targeted at Experienced Practitioners

  • Specialists within the Transaction Banking function
  • Senior Corporate Banking Relationship Managers
  • Senior Corporate Treasury Professionals
  • Holders of CDCS / CSDG / CITF / GTC Certifications

In consideration of previously attained qualifications that have been kept current through the appropriate re-certifications, the following credits will be awarded to provide for the appropriate exemptions:

CDCS – 20 credits (exemption from all 4 elective courses)

CSDG – 20 credits (exemption from all 4 elective courses)

CITF – 15 credits (exemption from 3 elective courses)

GTC – 15 credits (exemption from 3 elective courses)

To be exempted from the electives, please write to our Technology Director In your e-mail, kindly attach the following:

  • Proof of previous certification.
  • Information on how many numbers of credits you are asking the exemption for and;
  • For which courses you would like to receive the recognition for.

The support team will then approve the credits, subject to terms, conditions or limitations, and will provide further information on the study process.

Why Take the CTFP?

  • Get a comprehensive overview of the trade finance business with a front/middle office focus
  • Career management tool for senior practitioners and/or high potential talent
  • Advanced certification for holders of CDCS / CSDG / GTC Certifications

How it works?

The e-courses are delivered via our Learning Management System (LMS) using innovative tools for combining digital learning with industry-centric community discussions. The courses include videos, animations, case studies, and a self-assessment section and are available to take at any time – anywhere in the world. You can stop and re-start your training at where you left it and analyse your progress as well as the knowledge on separate subjects.

Please note that you need to sign up for free before taking this certification.


All of the online courses for this certificate are available in English.


In order to obtain the certificate, you must complete the CTFP Examination. The 60 minute examination is live proctored via the internet, it is possible to complete the assessment at home while ensuring the integrity of the examination. The pass grade is set at 70%.

Upon passing the examination, learners will be issued an accredited certificate for the program. You can then use the “CTFP” designation.


Full Certificate US$1799

This price includes Premium Membership of the ICC Academy for a 12 month period, access to the 5 core online training courses, all elective courses as well as a one-time attempt at the assessment exam.


Core CTFP US$650 for Premium Members / US$749 for New Members

This package includes access to the 5 core online training courses, as well as a one-time attempt at the assessment exam. The Core Package is aimed at the holders of CDCS/CSDG/CITF/GTC certifications only. Holders can request access to the purchase page. Access is granted upon requirement verification. Based on the credits exemption, the following applies:

  • CDCS/ CSDG holders – has access to core courses and the Exam only and can get certified without taking any of the elective courses. However, if CDCS/CSDG holds want to take an individual elective course, it has to be purchased separately.
  • GTC/CITF holder – has access to core courses and the Exam only and in order to get certified, have to meet additional requirement – to buy and complete at least one elective course.

Renewal of Certificate

In order to maintain the CTFP designation, it is necessary to obtain 24 credits every 36 months.

How to renew?

To obtain the remaining 24 credits, you can choose from the following elective options which include e-courses or in-person training (ICC Academy accredited events).