The ICC Academy offers a training recognition service. Under the term ‘training’, we collectively refer to workshops, seminars, conferences, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and other events having a learning objective and delivering a specific set of knowledge. The main purpose of training recognition is to encourage ICC Academy Members to diversify their learning experience. We also want to give due recognition to the many existing events organized by our National Committees and tertiary partners and bring them closer to our own Membership base.

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10 Jul 2017

Global Trade Development Week – GTDW Financing Global Trade Summit & Exhibition

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

The Global Trade Development Week – GTDW Financing Global Trade Summit & Exhibition will be held on 10th & 11th July 2017. On its 10th Edition, GTDW brings together global delegates from Fortune 500 corporates (Corporate Finance, Treasury, Trade Finance, Supply Chain Finance), financial institutions, regulators and multilateral organisations to discuss the impact, opportunities and implications of current global trade trends with a specific focus on financing for trade, access to finance, cross border e-commerce and emerging financial technologies. With a strong focus on issues such as WTO, TFA, RCEP & OBOR, GTDW’s unique event format will provide the perfect platform for networking and thought provoking discussions and sharing of experience.

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Credits: 8 PDCs

09 Aug 2017

India Trade Finance Workshop

Mumbai (India)

As part of Trade Finance Workshop roadshow, Bankers Association for Finance and Trade (BAFT) are offering 4th year of the India Trade Finance Workshop in Mumbai. The workshop will be led by Mr. Krishnan Parameswaran, a well-known and respected trade finance trainer and expert in the industry, with additional speakers from the Reserve Bank of India, State Bank of India, and other trade experts in the industry. A broad range of topical issues related to trade will be covered during this full day workshop, including local regulatory changes related to trade from RBI, latest developments and white papers on trade including the recent Trade Finance Principles, Guidance for Sanctions Compliance and Trade Based Money Laundering, innovations in trade and much more.

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Credits: 6 PDCs

05 Sep 2017

GTR Asia Trade & Treasury Week – 5th – 7th September


Global Trade Review will return to Singapore on September 5th-7th, 2017 for the award-winning conference series, GTR Asia Trade & Treasury Week. Building on its world-renowned reputation as the most popular trade finance gathering, the conference will provide an effective and impartial marketplace for all involved in trade, commodity and export finance, to gather for lively debate, networking and timely discussion. Attendance figures are expected to exceed the 900 plus delegates of 2016’s event. Limited amount of free corporate passes available. For media/press or to attend on a free corporate pass please contact Elisabeth at

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Credits: 10 PDCs

16 Oct 2017

Trade Compliance Seminar


The two day Seminar will cover the latest developments in Trade Compliance. Day I covers the regulatory background, political risks, sanctions and embargoes as well as trade based money laundering and financial crimes risks. Day II covers transaction review/screening/monitoring, the proper use of Incoterms®, as well as the main components of foreign trade contracts. The Seminar will conclude with an optional multiple choice test for participants of the entire seminar (two days).

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Credits: 9 PDCs

08 Nov 2017

SME Conference


Two day SME conference on Wednesday 8th & Thursday 9th November 2017: Global demand for trade finance is rising, but SMEs trade finance gap is only growing. SMEs are a leading driver of trade, employment and economic development, therefore the issue is an opportunity at the same time. There already are various activities undertaken to assist SMEs, and many more will follow in near future. To facilitate exciting efforts, the ICC Academy will organize a two-day conference to gather together SMEs and banks to discuss how to improve SME access to finance, technology, workforce and new markets.

Credits: TBC PDCs



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