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John Danilovich

Co-founder of the ICC Academy, Chair of the ICC Academy Board of Directors
Secretary General, International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)

John Danilovich became Secretary General of the International Chamber of Commerce on 30 June 2014. Mr Danilovich has been active in the international maritime industry for several decades, holding executive board positions in a number of companies. He served as the US Ambassador to Brazil and to Costa Rica, and from 2005-2009 was the Chief Executive Officer of the Millennium Challenge Corporation, an innovative and successful foreign aid programme.

His current positions include Board Member of the International Advisory Council for the Harvard School of Public Health; Senior Advisor at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (Washington, DC); Life Member of the Council on Foreign Relations (New York); Member of the North American Advisory Council of Chatham House (United Kingdom); and Member of the Board of Directors at d’Amico International Shipping.

As US Ambassador to Costa Rica (2001-2004), Mr Danilovich played a significant role in driving the Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA). He is the recipient of several national and international awards, including the Partnership for Women to Thrive Award and the Choate Alumni Seal Prize.

Originally from California, Mr Danilovich was a long-time resident of London before moving to Paris to join ICC. He received an MA in International Relations from the University of Southern California (London) in 1981 and a BA in Political Science from Stanford University in 1972.

Philip Kucharski

Chief Operating Officer – International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)

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Philip Kucharski is an international development professional with extensive senior-level experience in managing multi-cultural projects and networks. Previously Head of Business Development and Global Networks, Mr Kucharski returned to ICC in Jan 2015 as COO, in charge of the operational management of the organization reporting to the Secretary General. This new hands-on role brings a fresh approach to ICC’s structural, operational and commercial development with a new global management team.

Formerly Market Director EMEA for The Economist newspaper and Director of International Press for the Presstalis Group, Mr Kucharski has more than 20 years’ experience in building media brands, exploring new markets and managing international development projects.

Of British nationality, Mr Kucharski is a fluent French speaker.

Cherie Nursalim

Vice Chairman of GITI Group

An Executive Board member of the International Chamber of Commerce, Cherie Nursalim is Vice-Chairman of GITI Group, a diversified group with real estate development, manufacturing and consumer lifestyle presence partnering with world-renowned brands throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Ms Nursalim earlier worked as a research associate at the Harvard Business School. She published an award-winning book on an American-Chinese Architect, and was among the co-authors of a book ‘Indonesia Matters’ published by the World Economic Forum.

Ms Nursalim serves on the International and China Advisory Boards for Columbia University and MIT Sloan School of Management respectively. Chairman of the United Nations Global Initiative SDSN-SEA, she also serves on the Yale Center for Environmental Law Policy, the University of Indonesia Climate Change Center and Singapore Science Center boards. She is founding trustee of China Disabled Persons Foundation Board, China’s largest foundation, and is among the founding members of the Institute of Philanthropy Tsinghua University with China Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Global Philanthropic Circle with Synergos Institute in New York, and founded United in Diversity foundation.

The recipient of several international awards, Ms Nursalim received her Bachelor in Engineering Science and Economics from Oxford University, a Master’s in Business Administration from Columbia Business School and is World Economic Forum Young Global Leader alumni at Harvard Kennedy School.

Satvinder Singh

Assistant CEO, International Enterprise (IE) Singapore

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Satvinder Singh has been International Enterprise (IE) Singapore’s Assistant CEO since 1 November 2013. As the government agency driving Singapore’s external economy, IE Singapore spearheads the overseas growth of Singapore-based enterprises and promotes international trade.

Mr Singh advances Singapore’s strategic position as a global trading hub, by growing the marketplace of global traders in Singapore and enhancing the country’s trade services and policies. He also champions the international growth of Singapore’s SMEs as well as leads Singapore’s economic collaboration and trade with the Americas and Europe.

Mr Singh sits on the boards of the ICC Academy and SPRING Singapore (the government agency that helps Singapore enterprises grow). He is also a member of Nanyang Business School’s Nanyang MBA Industry Advisory Council.

Kah Chye Tan

Co-founder of the ICC Academy

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Kah Chye Tan serves as an independent advisor for a number of global organizations such as the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Markham Rae.

Most recently, he was the Chairman of the ICC Banking Commission (2011-2015). In this role he led the development of the commission’s policy and standard developments initiatives and oversaw the launch of several major initiatives. These included the establishment of the ICC Trade Finance Register, a flagship report to help policymakers improve the regulatory capital framework for trade finance.

Mr Tan was also a member of the WTO Trade Expert Group and Swift Trade Advisory Board. In his banking career, he was the Managing Director of JPM Chase, the Vice-Chairman of Barclays Corporate Banking and the Global Head of Corporate Cash and Trade for Standard Chartered Bank.

Mr Tan holds an undergraduate degree and an MBA from Dalhousie University in Canada.

Oliver Wieck

Secretary General of ICC Germany

Oliver Wieck has been Secretary General of ICC Germany since October 2013. From 2008-2013 he was Managing Director of the Foreign Economic Policy Department at the Federation of German Industries (Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie, BDI). He was responsible for formulating German industries’ position on international trade issues, TTIP, export finance and credit guarantees, foreign trade law and customs.

Until 2008 Mr Wieck was Executive Director of the German Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations (Ost-Ausschuss der Deutschen Wirtschaft). From 1991-1999, he served in various capacities within the BDI International Markets Department, with responsibilities for North and Latin America, the Middle East and Southern Asia, as well as for issues relating to foreign economic relations, export promotion and export controls.

Mr Wieck studied law at the University of Bonn and Düsseldorf, Germany, qualifying as an attorney in 1991.

Katrina Allikas

Marketing&Events Manager, ICC Academy

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Katrina works under the responsibility of General Manager to develop ICC Academy events and marketing functions, strategic partnerships and related sponsorship activities.

Prior to joining the ICC Academy, Katrina has worked as Secretary General of the Latvian Transatlantic Organization (LATO) for 3 years. She has also acted as a Sales Department Assistant at an insurance and investment company and was working as a Marketing and Sales Specialist for an educational magazine.

For the past years Katrina has been involved in organizing various international and regional events, including the Riga Conference, a high-level annual meeting of local and global security policy-makers, diplomats and leading experts. Katrina has also been involved in organizing the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Conference of the Latvian Presidency of the Council of the EU.

Katrina received her Master degree in European Studies from the University of Latvia and a Bachelor degree in Business Management at the Riga Stradins University.

Amanda Kwok

Office & Accounts Manager, ICC Academy

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Amanda Kwok is ICC Academy Accounts and Office Manager. Her responsibilities encompass all aspects of Office Management, assisting in Human Resources related matters, implementation, and revision of office procedures, processing expense claims and payments and act as a liaison between the employees, contract management, and higher management.

Amanda has 5 years of experience in the field of accounting, administration, managing and ensuring the smooth running of day to day business administration and operations. She has previously worked in a creative agency and had successfully spearheaded the implementation of an accounting software.

Federica Diletta Peloso

Technology Director, ICC Academy

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Before moving to Singapore, Federica worked for several years in Australia mainly in the non-profit sector. Prior to this, she worked in Italy and the UK. She works with learning management systems and is an e-learning specialist. Her work is focused on adult learning and instructional theories. She is a certified LMS administrator and an instructor and trainer.

She holds a BA (Honors) in Language Mediation completed in Italy and Sweden and an MA in International Communication (Honors) with a specialization in International Cooperation.

Jerelyn Hew

Lead Instructional Designer, ICC Academy

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Jerelyn Hew joined the ICC Academy as an instructional designer specializing in digital learning. Her role and primary function is to facilitate the production of e-learning courses by working closely with SMEs and vendors.

With experience of managing learning design and technology projects, Jerelyn has designed, developed and enhanced a good amount of e-learning courses for corporate companies and institutes of higher learning. As a formerly trained Learning Designer, Jerelyn focuses on performing the full spectrum of instructional design operations from analysis, design and development to implementation and evaluation.

Jerelyn comes from a diverse background of education, language and culture having grown up in a multilingual and multiracial country. She holds a bachelor degree in Computer Science and a master’s degree in Applied Linguistics.

Daniel Kok

General Manager, ICC Academy

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Mr Kok is responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations of the ICC Academy and the development of market-leading e-learning programmes.

Daniel Kok was the Managing Director of Fitch Learning APAC operations since 2014. He leveraged on his business management experience to deliver the company’s overall performances which included strategy planning, revenue generation, product innovations and developing new partnerships.

Prior to Fitch Learning, Daniel had 8 years of management experience with Thomson Reuters. He had different leadership roles including Head of Business Planning and Operations, Solutions Sales Asia and Head of Client Training, Asean, Pacific and South Asia region.

Daniel started his career working in financial markets with global banks such as BNP, Chase, ABN Amro & Citibank. He has 16 years experience trading in FX ranging from G7 to emerging markets. His expertise includes market making, sales, advisory and liquidity management. His last role in Treasury was as a currency proprietary trader, trading in cash, forward and option markets.

His qualifications include an MSci in financial engineering (MFE), financial risk management (FRM) and professional project management (PMP). He is fluent in English and Mandarin.

Sashirekka Rountan

Senior Sales Manager, ICC Academy

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Sashirekka Rountan is the Senior Sales Manager at the ICC Academy. Her responsibilities include the promotion of online courses and sponsorship sales for events.
Building international connections, business and sales development, communications and overall organizational recognition have been some of Sashirekka Rountan’s contributions to organizations for the past 12 years.
As a strategic leader in the areas of event management and marketing, some of her strengths lie in the research and introduction of new strategies and effective analysis of various markets. She has played an integral part in the growth of several organisations.
Her past roles include Head of Sales and Marketing, Director of Project Management and Marketing in major MNC’s. She holds a Master’s degree in mass communication from Nanyang Technological University and has strong passion in the Arts.

Valerine Siew

Senior Sales Manager, ICC Academy

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Valerine is responsible for the promotion of ICC Academy’s educational programs such as our online Certifications & courses and sponsorship sales for events organized by the ICC Academy.

Valerine has extensive regional experience. For the past thirteen years, she has worked in Sales, Business Development and Relationship Management in the financial markets, covering the entire Asia Pacific region.

Prior to joining ICC Academy, Valerine was most recently Channel Account Manager, APAC (VP) at the Royal Bank of Scotland. Utilising her sales skills, she was responsible for implementing and increase usage whereby customer transactions were driven toward RBS’s E-banking Channels. She brings her knowledge of strategic planning, client engagement and training to ICC Academy, along with a specialised focus on account management, sales engagement and project management .

Thomas Paris

Production Director, ICC Academy

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Thomas Paris has worked in policy organizations for several years, starting his career at ‘The French Business Confederation’ in Paris (MEDEF) where he participated in various outreach missions including the G20/B20 operation hosted by France during the financial crisis. 

Soon after, Mr Paris moved to the International Chamber of Commerce’s (ICC) Banking Commission where he was involved in drafting global reports in collaboration with The World Bank, IMF, WTO, (and others) to leverage ICC’s vast influence in the field of market intelligence for policymakers and financial institutions. Subsequently Mr Paris moved to the ICC Business Development department and joined the ICC Academy as its Partnerships and Production Manager.

Mr Paris holds a double Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) in both International Relations and Corporate Management from the American Business School of Paris (ABS).

Lee Ju Song

Head of Administration, ICC Academy

Mrs Lee Ju Song is Head of Administration, ICC Academy, and Regional Director, ICC Asia Office.

The ICC, Regional Office, Asia, managed by Mrs Lee, provides a visible profile for ICC in the region; actively promotes international trade facilitation through the spread of the ATA Carnet System; promotes ICC and the use of ICC arbitration/commercial and business dispute resolution services; services its members in the region.

Mrs Lee is also Chair of the ICC World Chambers Federation International Certificate of Origin Council and a member of the ICC WCF World ATA Carnet Council and ATA Carnet Administrative Committee. Mrs Lee is also a member of the WCF Executive Committee and the WCF General Council. She is an ICC specialist in international trade facilitation and documentation. She is also actively involved in setting up the ICC WCF International Certificate of Origin Chain.

An economist by training, Mrs Lee is also actively involved in promoting international trade facilitation as ICC WCF Carnet Advisor. Her active involvement in trade facilitation matters and capacity building programmes brings her to work with various international and regional organisations in promoting international trade facilitation, trade and investment co-operation, economic integration, trade and e-documentation and chamber management. These include World Customs Organisation (WCO), WTO, UN, UNDP, UNCTAD, World Bank, APEC, ASEAN, SAARC, GCC, CACCI and Customs Training Colleges.

Dan Taylor

Chief Examiner, ICC Academy

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Dan Taylor is the principal of DLTAYLOR Consulting, LLC. He has forty years of experience in the field of international banking. Prior to starting his consulting practice, he was Managing Director and Global Market Infrastructures Executive for J.P. Morgan’s Corporate and Investment Bank.

Mr. Taylor is currently a member of the ICC Academy Academic Committee and Chief Examiner for the Academy’s Global Trade Certificate and Certified Trade Finance Professional certification programs.

He is Senior Advisor to the Executive Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce, Banking Commission in Paris, France and a member of the Financial Crime Risk and Policy Group. From 1996 to 2014 he served as a Vice Chairman of the Banking Commission and served as Chairman of the Commission’s Executive Committee. During his 26-year involvement with the ICC Banking Commission he has served as co-chairman of the Bank Payment Obligation Working Group, was a member of the drafting groups for the last two revisions of the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (UCP 500 and UCP 600) and co-chairman of the ICC Working Group that created the supplement to the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits for ecommerce (eUCP). Additionally, he was Chairman of the working group that created the Uniform Rules for Bank-to-Bank Reimbursements Under Documentary Credits and was a member of the working group that created the International Standby Practices (ISP98).

Mr. Taylor has participated in the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Bank Secrecy Act Advisory Group and the Financial Action Task Force Private Sector Consultative Forum. Mr. Taylor was an advisor to the US National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Law Drafting Committee for the revision of the Uniform Commercial Code Article 5 and has been actively involved in a number of projects of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law.

Mr. Taylor has published numerous articles on financial services and is the author of The Complete UCP, Texts, Rules and History 1920 to 2007, Bank-to-Bank Reimbursements under Documentary Credits – A practical guide to daily operations and co-author of the Guide to the eUCP.



International Enterprise (IE) Singapore is the government agency driving Singapore’s external economy. IE Singapore has provided the seed funding necessary for us to make the ICC Academy a reality, their insights into the Asian markets and experience in developing the ideal innovative digital solution for the market has been essential. IE Singapore spearheads the overseas growth of Singapore-based companies and promotes international trade with the vision of making Singapore a thriving business hub with Globally Competitive Companies (GCCs) and leading international traders. In addition to promoting export of goods and services, IE Singapore also attracts global commodities traders to establish their global or Asian home base in Singapore. IE Singapore has a global network of overseas centres in over 35 locations provides the necessary connections in many developed and emerging markets. Learn more at


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