ICC Academy highlights from 2018 and the road ahead for 2019

Singapore, 10 January: We’re taking a look back at some of our top moments from 2018 here at the ICC Academy and our plans as we start 2019. From strengthening our capacity building initiatives across continents to hosting the 7th edition of our flagship Supply Chain Finance (SCF) Summit, here’s our year in review and a look at what’s ahead.

We spread our expertise worldwide and took your expertise to the next level
Last year was productive and we’re happy to share that our e-courses are currently being taken by professionals in more than 115 countries. What’s more, we’ve been listening to your feedback and are doing even more to help you power up your expertise with the latest and best practices and materials. Thanks for giving us a 96.8% rating on our certification programmes.

We launched new programmes and updated our curriculum
Speaking about best practices, to stay ahead in an ever-changing global landscape and ensure our programmes promote the most up-to-date knowledge and know-how, we upgraded two of our flagship certifications – the Global Trade Certificate (GTC) in July and the Export/Import Certificate (EIC) in October. These enhancements were made to provide a better overall user experience, ensuring your learning journey is both simple and effective. Discover the changes with our 2018 GTC demo and our 2018 EIC demo.

Additionally, the beginning of 2018 marked the launch of a new e-course based on ICC’s internationally-recognised Marketing and Advertising Code called Ethical Marketing and Advertising (EMA). This new programme works to develop the skills needed to conceptualise, design and deliver responsible marketing communications. The best part? It’s absolutely free.

We improved our digital platform to maximise your learning
All our e-courses are housed on an online platform—making your training possible anytime, anywhere. Thanks to some remodeling, we now offer integrated dashboards for you to view your progress, direct examination booking with no additional registration and downloadable certificates after passing exams. Did we mention that the platform is also fully optimised for tablet and mobile use and has an integrated course glossary, quiz-review dashboard, achievement and point system and a search function within lessons?

We hosted our SCF Summit in Dubai
The 7th edition of our SCF Summit took place in Dubai from 9-10 May. The event brought together over 150 trade practitioners from more than 10 countries. The two-day forum included eight panel sessions, which were led by 40 international experts who each spoke on supply chain finance’s most pressing challenges and opportunities. From exploring the demand for SCF in emerging markets and tapping alternative sources of finance to the Middle East’s involvement in China’s Belt and Road Initiative and tackling tedious compliance and regulatory requirements, the Summit delivered top-notch intelligence and strategic information to fuel growth and efficiency.

We joined forces with leading institutions and corporations
We are not alone in our mission to help close the skills gap. This year, we pushed to bridge the divide between education and business by forging partnerships with financial institutions like Absa, the African Development Bank (AfDB), Commerzbank, Emirates NBD, HSBC and Societe Generale; corporations such as the International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation and MBP Solutions; and government agencies like the Saudi Export Development Authority. We also continued our ongoing relationships with major banks like the Asian Development Bank and top universities including the Singapore Management University and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Commercial Sub Council. Our goal? To boost productivity, business and economic prosperity while empowering individuals both personally and professionally.

Road ahead in 2019
Our roadmap for 2019 includes some very exciting launches and events.

On 15 January, we’ll be launching a brand new e-course, the International Maritime Bureau (IMB) Non-Vessel Owning Common Carriers (NVOCCs) Bill of Lading. The curriculum aims to raise standards and reliability of maritime trade for active NVOCCs and their trading partners operating in the global market.

Starting in February, we will be hosting a monthly knowledge sharing series, following the successful debut of our ICC Livecast, which discussed the future of the Paris Agreement and COP24. Some topics slated for discussion are online education and the Incoterms® rules to name a few.

From 27-28 February, our Supply Chain Finance Summit returns to Singapore for its 8th edition. The upcoming event will cover recent market shifts and explore effects on the supply chain landscape. To learn more or to register, be sure to visit our official event website.

That’s a glimpse of what we have planned as we kick off 2019, but stay tuned as we have more for you throughout the rest of the year.

For more information, contact:
Priyanka Satapathy
Communications and Events Manager