ICC Academy releases new course on fraud and reputational risk

ICC Academy has just added a new e-course entitled “Introduction to Fraud and Reputational Risk” to its industry-essential trade finance curriculum. This course conveniently debuts at a time when financial institutions and corporate customers are facing increasing amounts of new challenges, especially with the rise of online and mobile transactions.

“In today’s world, it is vital that institutions and corporations ensure that their employees know how to correctly safeguard against fraud. This ICC Academy course will help to equip professionals with necessary tools and tactics based on industry experience,” said ICC Academy General Manager Daniel Kok.

As academic excellence is of the highest importance, ICC Academy enlisted HSBC’s Deputy General Counsel of Global Trade and Receivables Finance Lorna Strong to develop this key e-course. It can be taken individually or as an elective as part of the Global Trade Certificate.

“In my view, this is a subject that is not often covered in the normal trade finance syllabus and yet a proper and timely response to fraud requires prior knowledge of strategies and a well thought out response plan,” said Ms Strong.

This engaging course aims to present participants with suggestions for real world solutions and important insight on how to risk-proof themselves and their clients against operational losses and reputational risks caused by fraud.

“I have designed this course to provide the learner with strategies to manage fraud risks that include engaging key players when fraud hits and overseeing communication and reporting. Best practices for limiting loss, fraud prevention techniques will also be explored,” said Ms Strong.

To learn more about “Introduction to Fraud and Reputational Risk,” please visit our course information page. To discover other ICC Academy course, please visit our course list.