How to become an ICC-certified Incoterms® trainer?

We are pleased to outline the process for appointing candidates to the ICC Academy Trainer Examination, the final step to become an “ICC Registered Trainer on Incoterms® 2020” in your country.

Only ICC National Committees and Groups may appoint candidates to receive this qualification. If ICC Academy receives an application from an individual, we will direct the person to the relevant National Committee or Group. The qualification is valid for use in the country/territory of the National Committee or Group for a period of two years (renewable).  You can find contact details for your local National Committee here.

If you are a National Committee, to nominate one or more candidates, please send an email with the persons’ names and contact details to Jennie Irving at ICC Headquarters (

Please note the following important points. We strongly recommend that National Committees share these points with their candidates, where relevant:

  • Pricing for each attempt is 800 USD for Developed Countries and 300 USD for Developing Countries;
  • Once you have provided the ICC Academy with the candidates’ details, the candidate will receive an invoice from the ICC Academy Accounting Department;
  • Onboarding will be processed only after payment is received;
  • Account validity is 3 months from onboarding/confirmation date. Candidates will be able to take the exam only within their account validity. We recommend that the trainers sign up for the examination only when they are ready as they only have the 3 months to complete the examination;
  • Should a candidate be unsuccessful, they can retake the exam at the same initial registration fee;
  • Candidates are permitted a total maximum of 3 attempts. Each attempt has the same price and shall be paid separately;
  • Upon submitting the exam, candidates will know the outcome in real time but will not be able to review their answers after the exam has been submitted;
  • Once candidates are onboarded, they will need to login into their account and proceed to schedule their own exam slot. The exam is proctored online, and candidates must be able to fulfil technical requirements as specified here.
  • The exam booking will incur an express fee should the candidate decide to take the exam within a 48-hour window. Normal bookings apply after the 48-hour window with no charge;
  • The ICC Academy has a “no refund” policy.

Successful candidates will be able to use the qualification of ICC Registered Trainers on Incoterms® 2020” in the country of their sponsoring NC(s) subject to the general conditions described in the Guidelines and the particular conditions agreed upon with the sponsoring NC(s).

Their names will be featured on the Incoterms® section of the ICC global website.

We believe this new qualification will help NCs and their nominated trainers gain a competitive edge in their local training market.