ICC Academy launches free e-course on responsible marketing, advertising

Singapore, 1 February 2018: The educational arm of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the ICC Academy, has launched a new e-course based on ICC’s internationally-recognised Marketing and Advertising Code. Entitled “Ethical Marketing and Advertising” (EMA), the e-course is available free of charge and aims to develop the skills needed to conceptualise, design and deliver responsible marketing communications.

From micro-enterprises to large multi-national companies and organisations, most businesses use marketing in some form to sell their products or services. However, in a world where good governance and consumer trust are increasingly important, there is a greater expectation from consumers for brands to communicate transparently about their operations and product offering. This interactive e-course serves to encourage ethical marketing solutions as better, more effective forms of advertising.

Commenting on the launch, ICC Academy General Manager Daniel Kok said: “We are proud to launch the EMA on the ICC Academy’s digital learning platform. We believe that formal training is essential to create high industry standards and practice. Our aim for this e-course is to establish a foundation in marketing for businesses across all markets.”

The EMA builds on decades of expertise and is designed for marketers, advertising agencies, self-regulatory organisations and universities and expands on a programme initially developed with the renowned international business school, INSEAD.

“The ICC Code provides globally applicable road signs for marketing practice, which help build confidence in business. This e-course brings the Code guidance to life with the aid of practical industry examples,said Assistant General Counsel at Microsoft and Chair of the ICC Commission on Marketing and Advertising Brent Sanders.

“We recognise the invaluable contributions of self-regulatory and partner organisations across the globe in developing this interactive course that we believe will reinforce the Code’s effectiveness.”

Comprising six lessons, the two-hour interactive e-course:

  • covers ICC Code basics;
  • provides an overview of the importance of responsible advertising;
  • explains responsible marketing principles relating to customers, society and competitors; and
  • delivers insights on digital marketing and advertising.

Each section of the course incorporates video examples, structured learning, self-assessments, a virtual coach and valuable case studies to fully understand the principles at the heart of global advertising codes, which are applicable across every industry.

The Commission’s Policy Manager Raelene Martin said: “The ICC Code provides direction for legal and honest marketing communications—qualities that are critical for marketers to build consumer trust and brand loyalty. This e-course demonstrates, in practical terms, how the Code’s principles and provisions can be applied in everyday practice when developing marketing campaigns.

We are confident that this e-course will be a key resource to help marketers employ today’s and tomorrow’s most innovative techniques to market their products and services.”

Professionals hoping to demonstrate their commitment to the practice of ICC Code on responsible Marketing and Advertising are invited to take the EMA certification exam for a nominal fee.

Learn more about the ICC Academy’s brand-new EMA e-course.

Priyanka Satapathy
Marketing and Events Manager, ICC Academy