ICC Academy hosts delegation of professors from China’s leading universities

Singapore, 25 April: The International Chamber of Commerce’s (ICC) educational arm, the ICC Academy, along with one of its regional offices, ICC Asia, welcomed a delegation of visiting lecturers from some of China’s most renowned universities, including the Beijing Institute of Technology – Zhuhai, Chongqing Technology and Business University, Shanghai Jian Qiao University, Tianjin University of Commerce and Qinzhou University.

The visit was coordinated by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), China’s national foreign trade and investment promotion agency

The delegation was led by CCPIT’s Nicole Li who said: “We value the collaboration and cooperation we have with the ICC Academy. It was an honour to be invited [to their facilities] to learn about their offerings. The CCPIT will be focusing on promoting this certification programme to more universities in China. I believe there are more opportunities for broader collaboration in the very near future.”

Professor Jack Liu from the Tianjin University of Commerce said: “The collaboration between the ICC Academy and the CCPIT is an important one. The CCPIT has strong links with higher education institutes and organisations in China. They are good at academic exchanges between institutes in China, as well as being the bridge to foreign academies and institutions like the ICC Academy. Through such an alliance, the ICC Academy will be able to expand goodwill and build up capacity throughout China.”

The delegation was received by ICC Academy Director of Production Thomas Paris, Sales Manager David Pang and ICC Asia Executive Director Lee Ju Song.

“Meeting with the leaders and professors of top Chinese universities proved to be the first step in a long partnership with CCPIT. At the ICC Academy, we believe that education and capacity building must transcend language and geographical barriers to benefit trade professional worldwide. We are delighted with the opportunity to train a dynamic generation of students armed with our ever-growing product line,” said Mr Paris.

The lecturers were given a comprehensive presentation of the ICC Academy and its certification programmes—showcasing its relevance in today’s changing business environment, especially in the area of trade finance, and the importance of preparing university students to meet current industry needs.

Discussing the partnership between ICC Academy and the CCPIT, ICC Academy General Manager Daniel Kok said: “In July 2017, we teamed up with CCPIT to integrate online trade programmes into China’s higher education curriculum. Since then, more than 100 students and lecturers have enrolled in our online Export/Import Certification (EIC). With this delegation, we expect that in coming future, we will be able to integrate more of our certification programmes into their curriculum.”

The delegation also had an overview of ICC’s mission, major initiatives and work in the area of trade facilitation and the speedy resolution of business disputes. ICC Asia also established an agreement to conduct a presentation and training to university students in China on arbitration services and how they can help businesses, especially small- and medium-sized enterprises, to help further develop their exports.

Priyanka Satapathy
Marketing & Events Manager
ICC Academy