ICC Academy, CIPE link up to promote free video training titled ‘Principles on Combating Corruption’

Singapore 2 June: The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Academy, in partnership with the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE), has launched a free video training titled ‘Principles on Combating Corruption’.


Designed for business associations, chambers and non-government organisations, the 20-minute session highlights the need to implement anti-corruption compliance, brings to view case studies on recent corruption scandals and covers best practices on preventing, detecting and mitigating corruption risks.

The video training is based on the publication Principles on Combating Corruption for Business Associations and Chambers of Commerce, which was developed in collaboration with ICC and its World Chambers Federation (WCF).

Commenting on the new training, Managing Director of the ICC Academy Daniel Kok said: “We have seen an uptick in the number of chambers and associations wanting to combat corruption in their markets through anti-corruption policies. A case in point being the Armenian Chamber of Commerce, which took the historic step of adopting the first ever anti-corruption policies to combat corruption.”

“Their commitment to effective anti-corruption compliance programmes can not only prevent corruption in their own operations but also set high standards of integrity for their members. With this session, developed in collaboration with CIPE, we aim to reach associations and chambers all over the world, to encourage anti-corruption policies and assist them with establishing focused fundamentals” added Mr Kok.

Hosted by CIPE’s Global Programme Officer, Louisa Tomar, the training video introduces principles on combating corruption for business membership organisations, regardless of location, size or membership model. The training also makes the business case for implementing anti-corruption compliance – from establishing credibility and reputation with organisations and local economies to reducing instances of fraud and abuse. Real-life examples of corruption scandals – such as the South Korean political scandal of Choi-Soon-sil Gate, the bribery and corruption scandal in Romania concerning arbitration and the Brazilian climate change lobby –have been included to warn that business and trade bodies are not immune to transgressions.

Commenting on the training session content, Ms Tomar said: “This training is not only for compliance staff but also for leadership and boards of directors. Beyond setting a tone at the top on business integrity, we believe anti-corruption compliance can become a new line of business for associations and chambers. Businesses of all sizes are grappling with compliance and due diligence obligations and looking for resources, training and guidance. Those who can credibly offer these services, having already implemented a compliance programme internally, will serve their communities well.”

Register today for the ICC Academy – CIPE free video training. ICC, WCF and CIPE work to provide timely and instructional tools for the business community, additional resources for combating corruption can be found at www.cipe.org and www.iccwbo.org.

For more information, please contact:
Priyanka Satapathy
Communications and Events Manager