ICC Academy and The London Institute of Banking & Finance facilitate recertification process for trade finance professionals

The globally recognised e-learning platform of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the ICC Academy, and The London Institute of Banking & Finance have come together under a new agreement that will allow trade finance professionals worldwide to easily maintain their qualifications.

The agreement facilitates recertification by permitting The London Institute of Banking & Finance certificate holders to receive credits from select ICC Academy e-courses that reward continuing professional development points (CPD). Professionals can also recertify by successfully completing the ICC Academy’s Certified Trade Finance Professional (CTFP) Certificate. The CTFP is an advanced-level programme tailored for product and relationship managers, as well as executives from management, credit, legal and compliance functions.

Holders of The London Institute of Banking & Finance’s Certificate for Documentary Credit Specialists (CDCS®) and/or Certificate for Specialists in Demand Guarantees and (CSDG®) will also be able to access a core module pack using their credit exemptions at a special reduced rate. Professionals around the world can use this opportunity not only for career advancement but also to enhance international trade finance knowledge and master key aspects of products and services.

The CDCS® and CSDG® are two industry-backed qualifications developed by The London Institute of Banking & Finance in partnership with ICC. Trade finance practitioners who are CDCS® and CSDG® holders are required to earn CPD points in order to retain their qualifications, valid for a three-year period.

Commenting on the new agreement, ICC Academy General Manager Daniel Kok said: “The ICC Academy is pleased to be able to support CDCS® and CSDG® holders in their continued education through our e-learning programmes.  We look forward to working with The London Institute of Banking & Finance. Together, we share a commitment to support trade finance practitioners in their pursuit of professional training.”

Both institutions have a strong track record of bolstering the trade finance community with their top-of-the-line training programmes. Certificate holders from both the ICC Academy and The London Institute of Banking & Finance will be able to stay up-to-date with the latest developments and insight into this ever-changing field and benefit from continued professional development through this alliance.

The London Institute of Banking & Finance Relationship Director of International Trade Finance Qualifications David Morrish said: “As a long-term strategic partner, we have worked hand-in-hand with the ICC Academy to raise awareness of the importance of international trade finance to the global economy, as well as to promote professionalism among its practitioners. As such, recognition of the ICC Academy’s specialist e-learning trade finance programmes marks an important step towards further strengthening the scope of professional qualifications within the sector and will add flexibility for those working within it.”

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