ICC Academy and SUSS announce 100% pass rate for International Trade programme

Singapore 29 June: The ICC Academy and the Singapore University of Social Sciences’ (SUSS) are delighted to announce that the first undergraduate International Trade Management programme cohort have received a 100% pass rate in their Export/Import Certificate (EIC) exam. This accomplishment showcases the strength of the certificate programme and the drive of students looking to gain opportunity in the post-COVID-19 world.

The current global health crisis has brought substantial uncertainly to the trading world.  With global growth predicted to fall by 3% in 2020 and countries veering into protectionist or uncooperative trade policies, the road ahead is likely to be a challenging one. The question now is: are we preparing our future workforce to face the other side of the pandemic?

As the educational arm of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the ICC Academy works to build the capabilities of practitioners, including global trade students, by equipping them with the knowledge and know-how needed to successfully break into international markets.

In February this year, the ICC Academy fused a five-year partnership with SUSS, incorporating the EIC programme as a compulsory component of the university’s International Trade Management minor programme.

Commenting on the announcement, Managing Director of the ICC Academy Daniel Kok said: “In just over three months, the International Trade Management programme’s first cohort, comprising 25 students, have not only achieved a 100% pass rate in its EIC exams, but have also scored very high percentages overall. This is commendable on the student’s part, as they completed the programme in a very short span, paving the way for the next cohort.”

Commenting on the students’ success, Associate Professor Tan Yan Weng, Head of the Logistics and Supply Chain Management programme at the SUSS’s School of Business said, “The International Trade Management programme – developed in collaboration with Enterprise Singapore and aligned with Skills Future Framework – has been created as an industry response for functional skillsets in the wholesale trade sector. We are delighted to have partnered with the ICC Academy and incorporated the Export/Import Certificate within our curriculum.”

Dr Yap Wei Yim, Head of the International Trade Management Minor at the SUSS’s School of Business added, “The EIC programme offered our students a foundational understanding of key concepts and theories in the context of international trade operations. By analysing current logistics operations and trade practices, students acquired a thorough knowledge of the global trade landscape: from fundamental principles and logical sequence of processes in international trade operations to documentation used for international carriage of goods by air, ocean, land and multi-modal transport and more. By completing the certification, I am confident that our students are now ready to apply these techniques in the real world, while conducting trade operations, as well as being proficient with technological developments that affect wholesale trade. Congratulations to the first batch of students for completing the programme with very high scores.”

The ICC Academy took the opportunity to speak with Aw Hui Sen, SUSS’s International Trade Management programme graduate, who scored 98% in her EIC exam. To take a look into her learning journey, read the full interview with Ms Aw here.

Comprising five e-courses, the ICC Academy’s EIC programme was developed by leading trade expert Guillermo Jimenez. Mr Jimenez is also the author of ICC’s best-selling publication The ICC Guide to Export/Import: Global Standards for International Trade.

Responding to an ICC Academy survey conducted in 2019, 88% of EIC programme participants said the certification helped them to bridge their knowledge gap.

To learn more or register for the Export/Import Certificate, please visit the programme page.

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