ICC and IE Singapore partner to launch ground-breaking Academy

Singapore, 18 March 2015

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the world business organization, has today launched the ICC Academy – setting a new standard for professional education. Delivered via a digital platform, the Academy will provide rigorous, relevant and applicable business education – encouraging individuals to reach their highest potential with respect to professional competency and ethical conduct.

The Academy is launched in partnership with International Enterprise (IE) Singapore, the government agency that promotes international trade and assists Singapore companies to internationalize. Singapore Minister for Trade and Industry Lim Hng Kiang, and ICC board members were present at the launch of the ICC Academy, which aims to enhance the expertise of practitioners across a wide range of business sectors.

IE Singapore and ICC share a common vision to promote global trade. The former’s role is to establish Singapore as a global trading hub while the latter promotes open trade and investment and helps businesses worldwide meet the challenges and opportunities of an increasingly integrated world economy. The ICC Academy is a successful partnership milestone for both parties in nurturing global business leaders and experts. It will serve as a centre of excellence and thought leadership for the global business community.

Taking full advantage of ICC’s extensive global network, the ICC Academy promotes the highest standards of excellence in global professional education – providing a wide range of specialized programmes that are recognized worldwide. The courses are designed and taught by ICC’s unrivalled roster of experts and practitioners, incorporating insights from external senior business leaders and policymakers.

“As the world’s business organization, ICC has long provided training and certification programmes to help build business skills for the jobs of today and tomorrow,”

said Harold (Terry) McGraw, ICC Chairman and Chairman of McGraw Hill Financial.

“We are taking this commitment to growing a skilled workforce and jobs globally to a new level with the launch of this Academy, which will be internationally recognized and accessible to all – in developed and developing countries.”

ICC Academy courses are delivered via a dynamic digital platform, using innovative tools to give the Academy global reach. The ICC Academy can therefore offer those in developing and remote regions the same access to world-class professional education as those in advanced economies – developing skills even in the most challenging locations.

“E-learning initiatives are being adopted as a means of maximizing educational budgets as well as expanding the potential breadth of audience – without compromising on the quality or depth of learning,”

said John Danilovich, Secretary General of ICC.

“Provided users have access to the Internet, distance learning means there will be no inequalities with respect to educational potential via the ICC Academy – no matter where an individual is situated.”

The use of a digital platform also allows ICC to centralize the Academy in one location: Singapore – an established international trade hub, underpinned by its strategic location and presence of a strong trading community. It is chosen as the location of the ICC Academy because of the country’s well-established ecosystem of business infrastructure, strong network of companies and large pool of skilled talent. The ICC Academy will further enhance this trade ecosystem.

Teo Eng Cheong, Chief Executive Officer, IE Singapore, said:

“The establishment of the ICC Academy global headquarters in Singapore is a testament to our role as an international trading hub. With a common mandate to promote international trade, IE Singapore and ICC can jointly contribute to growth of expertise and talent for the sector globally.”

The ICC Academy will draw on ICC expertise in specialist fields – starting with a faculty in banking and trade finance shaped by over 600 banking experts from 110 countries. The faculty features around 70 online courses and two global certificates in trade finance. Following this initial trade finance focus, the ICC Academy will broaden its scope – introducing new curricula, spanning all ICC competences from international law to anti-corruption.

“The launch today of the ICC Academy sets a new standard in professional education,”

said Thierry Senechal, ICC Academy Global Coordinator.

“Certifications from the ICC Academy not only carry the mark of ICC’s global reputation, they are also available and accessible to all – regardless of organization or location.”

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Notes to editors:

The ICC Academy is 100% owned and controlled by International Chamber of Commerce. The Academy will position itself as a centre of excellence and thought leadership.

The goals of the ICC Academy are to:

  1. Enhance the knowledge and expertise of practitioners from a wide range of business sectors.
  2. Propose continuous learning opportunities.
  3. Promote the highest standards of professional competency.

ICC will launch the ICC Academy on the occasion of the ICC Executive Board meeting on 18 March 2015, in Singapore. It will be launched in the presence of ICC board members and members of the Singapore Government.

About The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)

ICC is the world business organization, whose mission is to promote open trade and investment and help business meet the challenges and opportunities of an increasingly integrated world economy.

With interests spanning every sector of private enterprise, ICC’s global network comprises over 6 million companies, chambers of commerce and business associations in more than 130 countries. ICC members work through national committees in their countries to address business concerns and convey ICC views to their respective governments.

ICC conveys international business views and priorities through active engagement with the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, the G20 and other intergovernmental forums.

Close to 3,000 experts drawn from ICC member companies feed their knowledge and experience into crafting the ICC stance on specific business issues.


About International Enterprise Singapore

International Enterprise (IE) Singapore is the government agency driving Singapore’s external economy. It spearheads the overseas growth of Singapore-based companies and promotes international trade.

Trade has always been the backbone of Singapore’s economy. In addition to promoting export of goods and services, IE Singapore also attracts global commodities traders to establish their global or Asian home base in Singapore. Today, Singapore is a thriving trading hub with a complete ecosystem for the energy, agri-commodities and metals & minerals trading clusters.

Renowned worldwide for their dedication to quality and innovation, Singapore-based companies make ideal business partners. With its global network in over 35 locations spanning many developed and emerging markets, the agency connects businesses with relevant Singapore-based companies for their business expansion by:

  • helping to identify and cultivate relationships with Singapore-based partners that have a pan-Asian or global presence
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