Final Exam Questions

1. When can I take the final exam?

The final exams can be taken at any time after you have completed the prerequisites. Remember, the final exams must be taken within the 12-month validity of your ICCA account.

Below are the prerequisites for the final exams:

All our other certifications are made up of just 1 core course. You must simply complete the core course to take the exam.

2. Can I schedule my final exam at any time?

Answer: After you have met the minimum prerequisites for your programme you can schedule your exam. If the exam is scheduled within the next 3 days, you will need to pay a US$5 express fee upon scheduling.

Here’s a step-by step guide on how to book your exam:

NOTE: Make sure you set your correct time zone in your account. Online exams are available 24/7 but must be completed within your account validity period (6-12 months depending on the programme).

3. What happens if I fail my exam?

When you purchase each certificate it includes one attempt at the final exam. If you fail, you will need to purchase a retake while your account is still active. The costs are as follows:

  1. USD$100 for GTC and CTFP Exam Retake (Each subsequent attempt – Up to 2 times)
  2. USD$60 for all other certificates Exam Retake (Each subsequent attempt – Up to 2 times)

If your account has expired please see the Extensions section of the FAQ.

To purchase a retake, please contact our Help Desk at

4. Once I pass my final exam, how can I download my certificate?

For full certification programme (GTC, CTFP, EIC, NBL, EMA) – Once you pass your final exam, the ICC Academy Certificate can be downloaded from your Learning Management System dashboard (under the Learning Paths section)

For individual e-courses – Once you complete all lessons of the e-course, you can download the Certificate of Completion from your Learning Management System dashboard (under Completed Courses section). For individual e-courses, there is no final exam.

5. How does the exam work

All of our exams are live proctored via the internet. You will need the Google Chrome browser. Full details of how our exams work can be found here: