5. Online Courses and certifications – Fees

Upon making a purchase in the ICC Academy Catalogue and registering a user account, you will be able to access the courses. The standard account validity is 12 months from the date of the first purchase. In order to participate in an online course, you will be required to register in the course by selecting the course from the list of offered courses and you will be required to pay a fee.
ICC Academy may choose to offer a certificate, statement or other acknowledgement or documentation to you and/or your company if you satisfy certain criteria (e.g., course completion) in connection with one or more courses or programs made available to you through ICC Academy (a “Certificate”). The issuance of a Certificate to you and/or your company, and the criteria governing such issuance, are solely within our discretion and may be changed at any time. In addition, you acknowledge that (a) your receipt of a Certificate, if any, does not represent an endorsement by ICC Academy and (b) ICC Academy is not an accredited educational institution, nor have sought any such accreditation. However, the ICC Academy Certifications are accredited by the following institutions: IBF and LIBF. You agree that you will not seek to obtain a Certificate through any false, misleading, or unlawful means, or misrepresent to any third party the nature, content or terms of issuance of any such Certificate.
The first attempt at the examination to get certified from the ICC Academy after completing the relevant Certification Programme is included in the purchase fee; however, should the User fail the first attempt, extra attempts will attract a retake fee.
Course and certification fees are payable at the time of registration for the course or the examination. You are responsible for paying all fees and applicable taxes in a timely manner with a payment accepted by the Website. ICC Academy expressly reserves the right to refuse access to any course or examination if the fee is not paid, is cancelled or not processed for any reason.
ICC Academy reserves the right to change the fees at any time in its sole discretion.