3 Reasons to attend the ICC Academy’s 7th Supply Chain Finance (SCF) Summit

Singapore, 1 April: From 9-10 May, the ICC Academy’s flagship event, the Supply Chain Finance (SCF) Summit, will sweep Dubai to explore an array of current and emerging topics—from tapping alternative sources of finance to tackling tedious compliance and regulatory requirements.

Here are three reasons why the Summit has become a must-attend event.

1. You enhance your network in just two days

Every year, the SCF Summit welcomes over 200 trade finance experts, chief financial officers, corporate credit and risk managers, corporate treasurers, import managers, trade specialists, bankers, insurers, consultants and vendors from all over the world. Now in its seventh edition, the event offers a range of opportunities to develop relations with a diverse and international group of like-minded professionals. With both formal and informal occasions to build networks, the Summit will be a prime setting to establish institutional ties and promote trade and investment opportunities among company, country and regional representatives in attendance.

“The SCF Summit provides a unique platform to learn from experienced corporations and bankers about their visions and strategies in the ever-growing area of supply chain finance. We pride ourselves in the calibre of participants who make this event a priority in their professional calendars to boost their knowledge and expertise,” said ICC Academy General Manager Daniel Kok.

2. You get insight into today’s SCF market

The Summit will feature dynamic panel discussions and pertinent case studies presented by key experts. This year the Summit will illustrate the industry progress, providing tailored insights into the trends, opportunities and challenges affecting SCF. The sessions are slated to cover topics from supply chain financing in Middle East and North Africa region to the importance of small- and medium-sized enterprises and strategic suppliers, to the transforming role of financial technology finance among, other topics. If you want to know where the SCF market is headed, the Summit is an event not to be missed.

“For an increasing number of players, supply chain management has become the go-to product when it comes to supporting trade development. And as we enter into a world that is more and more digitalised, I am certain that supply chain will naturally find its place—where its techniques will be adjustable to this evolving environment. In this respect, the ICC Academy’s Summit is an ideal space to learn more about today’s advancements.” said Head of Policy for the International Chamber of Commerce’s (ICC) Banking Commission Olivier Paul.

3. You can earn professional development credits to boost your expertise

Enhancing skill sets and expertise doesn’t just happen in the classroom (or online!). All of our events are officially accredited making certification one-step easier. Anyone attending will be credited with 10 professional development credits (PDCs) towards any ICC Academy certification or 10 professional development credits (PDUs) towards CDCS and CSDG re-certifications.

“With the increasing use of supply chain finance globally, it is becoming important that advisors and practitioners continue their education in this area of international finance: Good reason, therefore, to attend ICC Academy’s 7th SCF Summit, where many of the latest developments in supply chain finance will be discussed and actively debated by many leading experts, banks and corporates. Acknowledged by the provision of Credit Points (CPU’s) for attending” said International Trade Finance Qualifications Relationship Director for the London Institute of Banking Michael Backhouse.

To learn more or to register for the 7th Supply Chain Finance Summit, visit our official event website.

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