3 Reasons to attend ICC Academy’s 8th Supply Chain Finance Summit

Singapore, 10 January: The 8th edition of the ICC Academy Supply Chain Finance (SCF) Summit is set to convene from 27-28 February 2019 in Singapore. As a key networking forum for leading trade and SCF specialists from across the Asia region, here are three reasons to attend:

Gain insight on the recent market shift and its effects on SCF landscape
With the threat of a global trade war still a reality, concerns of protectionism and its implications on supply chains are increasing. So how can exporters in Asia remain competitive and build resilience to avoid the knock-on effects of the recent market shifts? Why has strategic and effective management of global supply chains become a critical mission for corporate treasurers? What exactly constitutes “green” finance or “sustainable” trade and why is it vital for our future? Our roster of industry leaders are on standby to give their responses to these questions.

Zubair Ahmed, a Trade Finance Specialist at the Union National Bank who attended last year’s summit said: “Great summit! A forum where we learned and discussed the future challenges and opportunities of trade and supply chain, the technological development and the uprising of Fintech powered alternative financing options.

The event will offer an array of panels, presentations and case studies, touching on topics from the scope of alternative finance to supply chain innovations and the global regulatory environment to the digitalisation of trade. What’s more, the next edition will include a new feature where participants will be able to debate the future of banking: fintech versus banks. Discover our programme to get the full run-down of the topics set to be addressed.

A proven track record of delivering quality
The summit has a proven history of bringing together leading experts to discuss key industry challenges and updates.

Speaking on the summit’s activities, John Bugeja, Trade Advisory Network’s Managing Director, said: “The 8th SCF Summit promises to maintain the exceptionally high standards achieved at previous summits. The Academy is involving speakers of unrivalled expertise. The quality of debate will be second to none and participants should be invariably prepared to share real insights that actively promote the development of this fast-developing portfolio of finance techniques.

Additionally, more than practitioners—ranging from bankers and consultants to trade specialist and vendors—are set to attend. Do not miss this valuable opportunity to develop relations with a diverse and international group of like-minded professionals.

The SCF Summit pulled some great participants who gave colour to the topics discussed at length related to supply chain finance and its related eco system. A good platform for networking too,” said Faran Farooqui, the Head of Trade Finance and Cash Solutions at Bank Alfalah Limited.

Earn professional development credits to boost your expertise
Did you know that our event is accredited? That’s right—we’re making your certification (or recertification) process easier. Another important feature of our summit is that participants have the chance to enhance their skill set and earn professional development credits (PDC). Anyone attending the 8th SCF Summit will be credited with 10 PDCs towards any ICC Academy certification or 10 professional development credits (PDUs) towards CDCS and CSDG re-certifications.

A fantastic Supply Chain Finance Summit –one of the best, most informative and relevant events I have been to,” said Katherine Herbert, the Head of Partnerships at URICA and participant of last year’s event.

To learn more about the 8th ICC Academy Supply Chain Finance Summit or to register, please visit our official event website.

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