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    5 pm Singapore | 10 am Paris | 4 am New York


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intro to trade finance tf lp
intro to trade finance tf lp

Certificate in Digital Trade Strategy (CDTS) - SAVE US$124

This unique course will give you a broad, in-depth overview of digital trade and brings together insights from a panel of more than 20 industry champions, legal experts and public policy officials.

Only US$374.25 | Reg price: US$499.

Certified Trade Finance Professional (CTFP) - SAVE US$374

Increase your career options with the ICC's advanced, wide-ranging trade finance certification. Develop a well-rounded trade finance skillset with the ICC's comprehensive curriculum.

Only US$1124.25 | Reg price: US$1499

CTFP for GTC / CDCS / CSDG holders - SAVE US$187

Our special 'Core' version of the CTFP gives GTC, CDCS, CSDG and CITF holders the opportunity to fast-track their CTFP qualification through course exemptions.

Only US$561.75 | Reg price: US$749

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Global Trade Certificate (GTC) - SAVE US$274

The ICC's introductory trade finance qualification, authored by leading experts from the ICC Banking Commission. Kickstart your trade finance career.

Only US$824.25 | Reg price: US$1099 

Export/Import Certificate (EIC) - SAVE US$174

Learn how to do business across borders with the ICC's international trade certification. Gain the practical knowledge to conduct trade effectively. Also available in Spanish.

Only US$524.25 | Reg price: US$699 

Incoterms® 2020 Certificate (INCO) - SAVE US$99

Gain immediate credibility for you or your team with an Incoterms® 2020 credential from the ICC - the organisation that creates the rules. Also available in Spanish and Chinese.

Only US$299.25 | Reg price: US$399 

Incoterms® 2020 alumni

Praveenkumar Miriyala
Trade Specialist, India

Getting training directly from the 'horse's mouth' is more valuable to me - and other people looking to work with me - than having my knowledge certified by a third party who has not created the Incoterms® rules."

Houssam Hoteit

Houssam Hoteit
Royal Bank of Canada

"I see the CTFP as a perfect way for any trade finance person to have a certification that highlights your expertise and automatically puts you at a certain level that is respected in the industry.”

M Goosen v2

Monique Goosen
Director, TLM South Africa

"The GTC gave me peace of mind and more confidence when talking to clients. I can now have a full conversation about finance product offerings where previously I wouldn’t have been able to."

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Free Trade Agreement Ceritificate (FTAC) - SAVE US$87.50

Access new markets, reduce costs and source suppliers at more competitive rates. This certification is designed to simplify the often difficult and legalistic FTA rules.

Only US$262.50 | Reg price: US$350

Certificate on the Common Reporting Standard (CCRS) - SAVE US$87.50

Understand the key elements of the Common Reporting Standard so you can incorporate them as part of a holistic compliance operating model.

Only US$262.50 | Reg price: US$350 

Short trade finance courses - SAVE UP TO US$50

Not ready for a full certification? Browse our range of introductory and advanced trade finance courses, ranging from 3-5 hours in length.

From US$112.50 | Reg price US$150-200

Short international trade courses - SAVE US$37.50

Learn the key processes, procedures and documents required in any international transaction in our short courses covering the basics of international trade.

US$112.50 | Reg price US$150

NVOCC Bill of Lading Certificate (NBL) - SAVE US$87.50

Streamline your logistics process with a good understanding of one of the most important documents in global trade. Save time and money investigating fraudulent bills of lading.

Only US$262.50 | Reg price: US$350

E-Invoicing Solutions Certificate (ESC) - SAVE US$87.50

Achieve your business' full potential and reach new customers by bringing your payments online. Attract a new connected audience of prospects.

Only US$262.50 | Reg price: US$350

Microfinance Associate Certificate (MAC) - SAVE US$124

Get your business ready to join or access the microfinance industry with our practical, online certificate. Created in partnership with Satin Creditcare Network (SCNL).

Only US$374.25 | Reg price: US$499

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Incoterms® 2020 Certificate accreditation body
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