Latest Features

Fall Update – November 2019

  • Major overhaul of the GTC questions and new pre-assessment games.
  • Redesign of many quiz sections into separate checkpoint pages.
  • Addition of printable study guides for every [core] course.
  • Legacy courses updated with the latest Incoterms® Rules 2020.
  • Redesign of Assessment section to better display completion status.
  • More comprehensive feedback survey.

Spring Update – March 2019

  • Complete redesign of the menu and navigation system. Optimised for mobile.
  • New Assessment Summary page for simplified tracking. Removal of points.
  • Ability to reset every question in the course (at any time).
  • Replaced pop-ups with in-line feedback and auto-submit.
  • Printable PDF glossary.
  • Various content and interface fixes.

All Course Features

  • (All seasonal updates – see above)
  • ICC Academy courses can all be browsed on mobile and tablet.
  • Quiz review dashboard for assessment tracking.
  • Achievement Badges for progression tracking.
  • Integrated/searchable course glossary of terms.
  • Integrated search tool for finding lesson content.
  • Simple navigation system to hop between pages.
  • 2D animated videos with voice-over and transcripts.
  • New pre-assessment games for all [core] courses.
  • Automatic bookmarking allows you to jump to the last visited page.

NOTE: Our CTFP courses were originally built in another tool and some features will not apply.

Always Evolving

The ICC Academy is committed to providing a high quality learning experience.  To achieve this, our team routinely updates every course with exciting new features, refreshed content, and bug fixes.

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