Introduction to Documentary Collections - eCourse

Get a practical overview of documentary collections including the process and key rules involved

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By the end of this eCourse you will be able to:

Differentiate between a documentary collection and a documentary credit.

Describe the process flow of a documentary collection.

Understand the essential ICC rules governing the documentary collections.

Describe the risks for both D/P and D/A documentary collections.

Describe the various types of shipping documents used.

Describe the bank's role within a documentary collection and their obligations


Access period

12 months


3 hours


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Who should take this course?

General practitioners working in banks, corporates, or financial institutions in functions such as relationship management, credit and compliance, but with an interest in trade finance.

Animated explainer videos

This eCourse includes 9 animated videos to help you better understand core concepts

Case study

Learning is easier with practical examples and we've included a whole lesson dedicated to a case study

Study guide

A downloadable study guide will help you recap the key points offline and access additional resources



Carlo Di Ninni

Consultant, ICC Italy

Carlo is Secretary of ICC-Italy Banking Commission and a member of the current ICC DOCDEX list of experts. He is promoter and Vice Chairman of Credimpex-Italia (Professional Association). Carlo is also the Co-chair of the UCP 600 revision “Consultant Group”, a member of the ISBP 745 revision “Drafting Group” and a representative of Italian Banks for revision of: UCP 400, 500 and 600, URC 522, URDG 458 and 758, ISBP 645, 681, 745. Finally Carlo is also responsible for the “Interbank Documentary Operations Commission” at the Italian Bankers Association (ABI) Rome for 25 years (now retired).

Introduction to Documentary Collections - eCourse

Only USD $150
  • 12-months access to all 5 lessons. Repeat them as many times as you want.
  • Online and interactive - learn at your own pace
  • A case study and 12 assessment questions to test your knowledge
  • Nine animated explainer videos and 1 video lecture
  • Downloadable study guide for offline reference
  • Certificate of completion


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