6th Supply Chain Finance Summit | May 3-4, 2017

The 6th Supply Chain Financing (SCF) Summit was held in London on May 3-4, 2017. Leveraging on ICC Academy’s extensive networks in the SCF industry, the ICC Academy’s two-day flagship event gathered more than 200 global trade finance specialists who shared their invaluable expertise in the new age of SCF. The signature event aimed at providing a platform for global professionals, practitioners, and institutionalists to exchange insights and ideas on the latest developments and challenges in the supply chain industry.

Organised by the professional education arm of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the ICC Academy, the 6th SCF Summit highlighted the progress made towards the digitisation of trade processes. The event gathered over 200 international professionals from across sectors included keynote speeches from leading experts including Deutsche Bank’s Global Head of Trade Finance Daniel Schmand; dynamic and informative presentations; engaging panel discussions; compelling case studies; and various opportunities for both informal and formal networking.

The key highlights of the event included the official launch of ICC Academy’s newest professional certification, the Export/Import Certificate (EIC), an update on the ICC Banking Commission’s landmark initiative “Definitions for Techniques of Supply Chain Finance”, and the developments surrounding digitisation of trading processes and FinTech solutions. Upon the launch of the EIC, delegates had the opportunity to view live videos demonstrating courses from the programme and understand how professionals can benefit from the practical expertise of the ICC’s leading experts. This certification is yet another excellent record of ICC Academy’s dedication to bridge the industry’s information and knowledge gap.

211 Guests

Banking and financial services (54,6%)
International trade and development (22,8%)
Insurance and underwriters (11,6%)
FinTech companies and services (6%)
Legal services and consulting (5%)

6th SCF6th SCF London

Participants gained valuable knowledge from in-depth panel discussions and case studies. Specifically catering to the European perspective, the Summit featured a wide range of discussion topics like the role of SCF in Emerging Markets, the role of Credit Insurance, ECAs and Supra-nationals in facilitating trade, and developments in the physical supply chain.

Opening the conference, Deutsche Bank’s Daniel Schmand, Global Head of Trade Finance, spoke about the lack of SCF availability at the early stages of trade transactions: “On the payables financing side, we, as banks, are now well-positioned to provide post-acceptance solutions across multiple jurisdictions and geographies. However, there is a whole world of financing requirements that start pre-shipment – including loans for sourcing, manufacturing or conversion of raw materials or semi-finished goods into finished goods. We are not yet addressing these requirements.”

Building on this point, Deutsche Bank’s Benjamin Madjar, Director Working Capital, emphasised the need for “end-to-end trade solutions”. In other words, successful SCF is a programme, not a product. He explained, “Providers must ensure they fully understand their clients’ working capital needs – both now, and in three years’ time – and tailor financial solutions accordingly.”

More than 40 speakers, during the two days summit, discussed the challenges and solutions.

Day 1

The keynote address was made by Daniel Schmand, Global Head Trade Finance, Deutsche Bank AG, Chairman of ICC Banking Commissions and Dr Rebecca Harding, Cheif Economist, CEO Equant-Analytics gave a update on world trade.

SCF Summit Day 1SCF Day 1

Panel discussions included topics on the financial supply chain accelerating and creating new opportunities for Supply Chain Finance, the role of Supply Chain Finance in emerging markets and
driving innovation: current and future step-change developments in the design, delivery and effectiveness of Supply Chain Finance. Day 1 also focused on governance and collaboration: industry definitions and standard development.

Case studies was presented by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Standard Chartered and Berne Union and the focal point was the role of credit insurance, ECAS and supra-nationals in facilitating trade and supply chain finance.

Day 2

The opening remarks on Day 2 of the summit was made by Chris Southworth, Secretary General, ICC UK and
keynote address by Lord Marland, Chairman, Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council.

SCF Day 2SCF 2

The topics in panel discussion included access to finance and SCF availability to SMEs, alternative finance and fintech solutions and finally reviewing the key points emerging during the summit.

Case studies covered best practices, lessons learned and remaining obstacles and was presented by International Trade and Forfaiting Association (ITFA), Taulia and STET.

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