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Student Feedback


Muyiwa Esan
Access Bank, Nigeria

"The CTFP course has boosted my career prospects. Apart from earning a promotion late last year, I now possess the knowledge and expertise required to function effectively in all the key aspects of the trade finance business (operations, product development and sales)."

Emiliano Introcaso

Emiliano Introcaso
Export Development Canada

"I  feel like the 'Champion' of the rules within my organisation and the go-to person when it comes to Incoterms® 2020. It feels good to be able to provide a level of authority and advice that others can’t and I regularly encourage others to take the training so they can become the same person within their organisation."

Sulie Vunibaka

Sulie Vunibaka
Bank of the Cook Islands

"The GTC enabled me to crystallize my knowledge and experience in trade finance with a formal certification accredited by ICC. This has helped my employer understand the focus of my career and help me with my pathway to advancement."

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