Our webinar series provides premium members with additional learning material designed to supplement the topics covered in the main courses.  Hosted by the Director of Production Thomas Paris, these video interviews cover industry activities for experienced professionals and beginners alike.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this video series are those of the individual experts and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or views of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and the ICC Academy.

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  • Education in TF
    Alexander R. Malaket

    Trade has always front and center for the International Chamber of Commerce, and trade finance is no different. What is the role of the ICC Academy in education the next generation of industry practitioners? What are the battles (both advocacy and architecturally) that need to be fought as we head into 2017? The Co-Chair of our Academic Committee, Alexander R. Malaket, will take us through the fundamental need for trade finance stakeholders to expand their horizons and fill the widening skills gap.

  • Introduction to DC
    Alexander R. Malaket

    Anyone working with international imports/exports should know everything about Documentary Letters of Credit. This overview provides a practical introduction of the long-established trade financing instrument and a foundational understanding of the importance of the documentary credit in enabling trade, the versatility of this proven instrument in addressing a range of market conditions and a variety of client needs. Alexander R. Malaket, President of Opus Advisory Services International offers his vast experience and insights to introduce this keystone of international trade.


  • Supply Chain Management
    Alexander R. Malaket

    How does Supply Chain Management play a role in today’s ever-changing and ever-connected market? What are the links between the physical, financial, and informational supply chains? The lead author of our “Introduction to Supply Chain Finance” course, Alexander R. Malaket, will take us through an overview of supply chain management and how it will impact the businesses of tomorrow.


  • Road to Basel IV
    Kah Chye Tan

    Often referenced and equally misunderstood, Basel III is a comprehensive set of reform measures to strengthen the regulation, supervision and risk management of the banking sector. In our ever-changing world, is it time to look at what a supposed “Basel IV” would need to look like?  CEO of Tin Hill Capital, and former Chairman of the ICC Banking Commission, Kah Chye Tan weighs in on the potential impacts.


  • Blockchain 101
    Kah Chye Tan

    What is Blockchain? Helping us making sense of this new “buzz word” and cutting to the core of what this means for the banking sector is the CEO of Tin Hill Capital, and former Chairman of the ICC Banking Commission Kah Chye Tan – providing a short introduction, the various misconceptions, and what blockchain means for global trade.


  • Supply Chain Finance Terminology
    Alexander R. Malaket

    Following a two-year project with many industry partners (including ICC), the Global Supply Chain Finance Forum (GSCFF) released standard definitions for SCF techniques to the market. What does this new structure look like? What are the benefits and today’s industry adoption? As a leading member of the GSCFF project, Alexander R. Malaket will explain how this came about and how important it is to have a trade marketplace using standardized definitions to do business.


  • SCF and Trade Finance
    Pinaki Roy & Alexander R. Malaket

    Bankers and financial institutions rely on corporates to drive innovation and tailor their products over time. This discussion focuses on what a corporate will look for in supply chain finance solutions and the impediments they are facing in trade finance. Helping us look at simplifying trade finance products is Pinaki Roy from Atrios Consulting and Alexander R. Malaket of Opus Advisory Services International.


  • The New Normal
    Jean-Francois Lambert

    The “New Normal” has become a common expression in the past few years. It has emerged as analysts, reflecting on the deep transformation the world economy is going through, are endeavouring to identify a sense of logic binding together the various changes, or evolutions triggered by the 2008 financial crisis. Helping us understand where we are going in these uncertain times and the impacts on business and our personal lives is the author of our course “Advanced Commodity Finance” Jean-Francois Lambert.


  • Introduction to Guarantees
    Alexander R. Malaket

    Bank Guarantees are a widely used and globally accepted instrument for securing and enforcing the claims of parties to foreign trade contracts. As an additional resource to the ICC Academy course of the same name, Alexander R. Malaket, President of Opus Advisory Services International provides his experience with Bank Guarantees and the practical benefits of using them.


  • Introduction to Documentary Collections
    Alexander R. Malaket

    A simple way to collect payment for your exported goods is to stay in control of your goods after they have been dispatched. Our discussion on Documentary Collections explores the origins of this service and their function in today’s marketplace. Alexander R. Malaket, President of Opus Advisory Services International provides his experience with Documentary Collections and the relatively simple process involved.


  • TF Principles and Compliance
    Dan Taylor

    What is the relevance and importance of compliance in trade finance today? What can and should be done for open account trade? Providing an overview and 2017 perspective on the Wolfsberg Trade Finance Principles document, ICC Academy’s Chief Examiner Dan Taylor gives us practical insights from his +40 years’ experience in the field.


  • TF Operations
    Gunnar Collin & Alexander R. Malaket

    Understanding trade operations and the role it plays in global trade will help you understand how undervalued and experienced this asset truly is. As a rich source of client insights and corporate relationships, this is the front line of market intelligence for trade banks. Gunnar Collin, Head of Operations at Doha Bank joins Alexander R. Malaket to shed light on the future of this function in a digital world.


  • Guarantees and Standbys for SMEs
    Gabriel Sham

    In this session, we will highlight the pitfalls of using guarantees and standby credits and how to avoid them, whether you are a bank, an applicant or a beneficiary. While guarantees and standbys are used by businesses of all sizes – ranging from SMEs to large MNCs – this presentation is particularly relevant to SMEs who are more likely to be required to provide guarantees and standbys on terms largely dictated by the beneficiaries.  Industry consultant Gabriel Sham joins us for an introduction on this topic.

  • ICC Model Contracts
    Christoph Radtke

    Going into business internationally?  ICC Model Sales Contracts are here to provide low-risk templates to use for an endless variety of transactions globally.  What are these documents all about?  Sharing his vast industry experience with us is Christoph Martin Radtke, Partner at Fiducial Legal by Lamy, and Chair of the ICC Commission on Commercial Law and Practice.

  • Synthetic Securitization
    Luigi La Ferla & Kah Chye Tan

    The purchase of credit protection on one (or more) tranches of a portfolio of exposures is known as “Synthetic Securitisation” and better understood as the originating bank’s ability to sell their trade finance exposure to institutional investors.  However, has been hampered by idiosyncrasies of the asset class and the lack of globally accepted standards and independent service providers.  What can be done?  How can this interesting proposal be better understood and proliferated?

    Sharing his expertise with us is a new speaker: Luigi La Ferla, Partner and Head of Trade Finance at Markham Rae LLP and also returning to lead the conversation is Kah Chye Tan, CEO of Tin Hill Capital Private Limited and co-Founder of the ICC Academy.

  • Transferable and B2B LCs
    Gabriel Sham

    In this session, Gabriel Sham returns to shed some light on what exactly “transferable” and Back-to-Back letters of credit really are.  Together we cover how they work at a base level and how they compare with one another.  Also covered are the benefits of using these tools as a buyer, seller, or even a small/medium sized business.  Industry consultant Gabriel Sham joins us for an introduction on this topic.

  • ADB Perspective on Trade Finance Gaps
    Steven Beck

    The global trade finance gap has now reached a whopping US$1.6 trillion – what economic impacts is this having around the world?  In this session, we discuss the expanding Asian Development Banks (ADBs) Trade Finance Programme and the industry’s regional trends.  For the first time, Steven Beck (Head of Trade Finance at ADB) joins us to share his insights.

  • Digitisation of Trade The Road Ahead
    Pinaki Roy & Alexander R. Malaket

    What exactly do we mean by “digital trade”?  What is the difference between Digitisation vs. Digitalisation?  In this session we dive into the fragmented and ever-evolving world of digital trade and address questions about how to prepare for the next generation while building upon lessons learned.  Here to help is a returning duo: Pinaki Roy (Atrios Consulting) and Alexander R. Malaket (Opus Advisory Services Int.).