Companies are continually approached with sponsorship proposals offering unique opportunities to network, interact and promote their products and services. As an indication of the size of this market, in 2015, sponsorship was a 60 billion US dollar industry. Within this rapidly growing and complex ecosystem, it is getting more difficult to select a unique value proposition that suits each company.

We at the ICC Academy acknowledge that, and do want to offer you something fresh and specially for you. Of course, we won’t leave behind some of the traditional things, but we do want to discuss what best suits companies interests and budget from the new formats of sponsorship we can offer. Sponsorship of our events can be effective for your organisation as a means of accessing a wide range of audiences such as decision makers in business, government entities, and of course customers. It will be an opportunity to put your business in the spotlight, increase reach and exposure to new clients, lead generation, get attendees have a “taste” of your business and get your brand noticed. It can be particularly beneficial for companies that take part in international trade, because sponsorship transcends cultural and language barriers.

Recognizing that each company has its annual budget and priorities we, at ICC Academy, offer to partnership on your preferred level allowing your company to choose any amount of sponsorship. Based on your possibilities, ICC Academy will prepare an individual proposal for your consideration. View our Sponsorship document to learn more about our levels of partnership and the benefits.

Besides regional visibility in this highly important APAC region, ICC Academy’s events will also provide access to the exclusive ICC global network of contacts and a new kind of a partnership experience.