Creative Learning Designer

The ICC Academy, launched in 2015, promotes the highest global standards of excellence in professional education – providing a wide range of specialised certification programmes recognised worldwide. The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) promotes international trade and investment and the ICC Academy actively trains thousands of professionals to develop the skills required to address today’s business challenges. We provide a comprehensive range of educational products and services in various thematic areas – with over 30 courses already available.

Job Description

The learning designer will work closely with and report to the Production Director. They will be responsible on occasion for representing the Production Department during company debriefs and regular team meetings.
• Capacity to produce eLearning courses in a creative way by learning and utilizing internal tools. Projects will last from the early concept phase to final client testing. This includes the integration of the content within the authoring software itself.
• Design and produce learning pathways in a variety of formats including new graphics and avatars, 2D animation, and voice-over.
• Perform the full spectrum of instructional design operations for online learning environment, including analyzing, designing, implementation, and evaluation of content.
• Passion and excitement for collaborating in a lean “startup environment”.
• Define instructional strategies and assessment techniques consistent with effective learning.
• Manage the overall development of the course material with international subject matter experts.
• Conceptualize and develop creative storyboards in line with our internal authoring tools.
• Oversee the creation of instructional design material with subcontractors including artwork, marketing materials, and infographics.
• Perform rigorous online courseware testing and evaluate courseware.


• Ability to artistically employ authoring tools such Evolve Authoring.
• Ability to master GoAnimate to produce engaging scenarios in 2D animation.
• Ability to produce voice-over scripts and coordinate a portfolio of audio files with either 1) voice-actors, or 2)
computer-generated voice.
• Mastery of the English language is key.
• Ability to produce internal graphics using Photoshop in line with our existing visual templates.
• Detail oriented and meticulous eye for reviewing documents for typos/mistakes.
• Understanding of live-action video production process would be a bonus.
• IT Literacy: expertise in using the Microsoft Suite (Word, PTT, Excel).

Please apply by submitting a CV and cover letter to
NOTE: only short-listed candidates will be contacted for an interview.